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How to Boost Sales in the Medical Industry

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies that launch a new product or procedure benefit from using 3D medical & illustration animation services and virtual reality production, as medical marketing materials. Ghost Productions can help you exceed marketing goals, educate customers, and visually explain complex issues.

Success in sales and marketing for pharmaceuticals, new medical products and surgical devices, depend on sales reps having a great degree of enthusiasm and confidence in the products as well as necessary marketing tools to present the features and benefits to potential customers.

Medical device marketing campaigns and pharmaceutical marketing strategies always need to set sales goals to be effective in producing the results necessary that have a positive impact on the bottom line. An investment in 3D medical animation & illustration services or virtual reality production created by Ghost Productions will provide an exceptional return for your investment.

Teenage girl explains Scoliosis, 3D animated character

Achieve your Medical Training Goals

When it comes to explaining complex scientific ideas, nothing does it better or faster than 3D visualization and immersive simulation based training programs. Ghost Productions creates 3D medical animation and 3d medical illustrations as well as highly functional surgical simulations in virtual reality that can successfully deliver information 60,000 times faster than text-based training, with 19% higher comprehension over traditional surgical video, and 230% overall surgeon improvement over traditional training methods.

3D rendered cutaway of a skin treatment laser treating scars and blemishes on the surface of the epidermis

Medical Animation & Illustrations

In the fast-paced world of modern health care efficiency is key. A 3D medical animation for the introduction of a new medical device coupled with your support materials can help you achieve your goals. 3D medical animations create interest and excitement. The support materials can provide the follow up details once you have the attention of your target audience.

The first step necessary to boost sales is to create interest in a new product, and that is best achieved by using 3D animations as medical marketing tools.

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Surgical Simulations and Medical Virtual Reality Production

Ghost Productions is pioneering the development of highly functional surgical simulations in virtual reality. It is now possible to demonstrate your medical products and surgical devices anywhere on a virtual patient with ideal pathology. For the first time in the history of medicine it is possible to remotely meet physicians in a shared virtual surgery simulation and guide them through a complete surgical procedure.

Sales reps can now overnight a headset to a customer for a fraction of the cost and time spent on travel and engage in a fully immersive surgical demonstration of nearly any type of implant, instrumentation, diagnostic equipment, or surgical robot imaginable. Contact us now for a demonstration of our remote telepresence in virtual reality.

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