Nothing explains surgical procedures and pharmaceutical products better than 3D medical animation.


Computor rendered medical illustrations revolutionized the quality, affordability, and speed of medical imagery.


Websites, mobile applications, and eLearning media makes it easy to deliver remote training and marketing media to anyone anwhere.





Whether you’re interested in marketing surgical devices, educating patients or explaining the mechanism of action (MOA) of your unique active pharmaceutical ingredient to prospective investors, Ghost Productions is your one-stop shop for advanced medical and science animations. Our team of talented animators, artists and other experienced professionals can help you improve your medical device marketing efforts with customized medical videos. We’re the experts at crafting medical and scientific animations that bring challenging information to life. We’ll help you explain medical products, demonstrate surgical technologies, devise medical simulations and more.

Simple medial illustrations have been crucial to the advancement of medical inquiry, education and training since the time of Hippocrates. Today’s advanced medical science can now take full advantage of cutting-edge 3D medical animation technology to bring concepts, products and procedures to life as never before.

Ghost Productions can produce 3D medical animations that illuminate your devices, procedures, techniques and more, to better achieve your marketing and/or training goals. As videos and other scientific animations increasingly populate social media feeds, it’s becoming more important than ever to remain relevant by investing in quality medical/science visualizations.

Modern medicine is a crowning achievement of civilization, adding immeasurably to the quality of our lives; and nothing explains intricate medical concepts better than the dynamic media produced by Ghost Productions. Ghost Productions is a 3D medical animation studio that delivers medically accurate, inspiring graphics, animations and interactive eLearning content.

Ranked among the top medical animation studios, Ghost Productions crafts superb 3D medical videos that help explain surgical techniques, implants and medical products. Our 3D medical procedure videos can convey your message quicker and more clearly than traditional surgical videos. Let us help you harness the power of 3D motion graphics to convey your important information rapidly and memorably.

Contact us today and we’ll partner with you to help you achieve your medical marketing and training goals. We’re passionate about medicine and dedicated to producing media that helps demystify medicine. With Ghost Productions on your team, you can be sure your story will be conveyed in a highly comprehensible, eye-catching manner.

Excellent quality video (that was the first comment that marketing from Abbott Vascular made). Extremely satisfied with how it turned out, and had a fun time with your team as well.Zach Vidlund - Tendyne/Abbott Vascular

The team was very engaged and interested in assuring that I received the best possible outcome. They were "pickier" than I was at times and their knowledge and passion regarding options to keep the project within scope was outstanding.Mark Stultz - SPR Theraputics

Love working with you. You are very responsive and attentive. You make sure you are crystal clear on requests before moving forward, which makes the entire process run more smoothly. All in all, really enjoy working with Ghost!Lindsey Fujita - Invuity

Great end product...a must-have in all of our educational/promotional activities!John Shannon - Insorb

Your team rocked this project! You nailed this one. Great work!!Sheri Fitzgerald - Depuy Synthes

We are 100% satisfied with the results and they really add to our marketing and communications campaign. I feel very proud to show the animations your company has completed for us.Dana Burns - Aesculap

The entire experience was not only worthwhile - it was fun! Have only good things to say and will use Ghost again !Patrick Sweeney - Orthogen

Ghost was a pleasure to work with. I love the direct access to the creative team so the information wasn't 'filtered' through an account manager, which is what happens at many agencies. I will definitely recommend Ghost for future work.Karen Smith - Hollister

I love Ghost! On time, on budget, incredible quality, and always willing to go the extra mile!Geof Brown - Trivascular

"You guys are one of the best groups I've worked with in my 12 years in Orthopaedics. It's always a pleasure working with you. Your creative and positive team culture is very noticable and contagious. Keep up the good work!"Sarah Shupe - Depuy Synthes

Working with Ghost has been great. We loved the final outcome for both our Morphix and ExoShape animations.Amy DeMao - Medshape

From the beginning I felt like I was in charge of a creative team and I feel the final product was my own. Thanks for making me feel like that, even though it was your magic that brought that to life. Carl Legge - Depuy Synthes


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