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3D Scientific Animations

Scientific animations are a great way to take complex topics that are difficult to learn by reading text or hearing a lecture and making them easier to comprehend. Many uses for scientific animations include mechanism of action (MoA) videos to give the viewer an in-depth understanding of a scientific principle, process, or product.

These visual marvels can be used to provide comprehensive explanations as well as develop interactive applications. Use them to fascinate, thrill, educate, and pique the curiosity of prospective clients, investors, or boost your social media performance.

Choosing an experienced scientific animation company is the first step toward an accurate representation of your product or service to audiences on a mass scale. Start your project today with Ghost Productions.

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What are 3D Scientific Animations?

3D scientific animations help provide visual elements to add context for educational or product presentation videos. The flexibility of scale in 3D scientific animation allows the presentation to focus on the appropriate level — from the tiniest nano-sized structures in the mechanism of action videos to life-sized parts to mega-structures such as global weather patterns.

Why Choose 3D Scientific Animations?

There are nearly endless possibilities for using 3D scientific animation videos. Not only are they great for teaching, but they can also be used in marketing, investor presentations, and much more. They provide detailed visual information that can be shown from various angles, so the person watching it feels as though they are experiencing it themselves.

When combined with Virtual Reality and other interactive media, 3D scientific animations can immerse the viewer into an entirely different world. They bring even the smallest ideas to life in extraordinary ways.

3D Scientific Animations Uses

While the possibilities are endless, the most common uses for 3D scientific animations include:

  • Brand awareness — Don’t just tell prospective clients or investors about your brand. Show them!
  • Presentation of products — From medical devices to medications to innovative new tools, providing a visual representation can help give much-needed context to prospective clients or investors. Even if you have a prototype, a 3D scientific animation allows people to see inside your product to show them how it is different from anything else on the market.
  • Provide information for legal proceedings — 3D scientific animation or mechanism of action videos can provide the participants in a legal proceeding with the information about complex medical, scientific, or forensic evidence they need to make an informed decision.
  • Train staff on new topics — By adding videos to your staff training strategy, you can boost their knowledge of new products or processes so they can accurately convey the information to customers. This will help them better serve customers by providing information quickly and efficiently.
  • Present visually complex scientific concepts — These can include genetics, neuroscience, microbiology, and nanobiology. Providing a mechanism of action video can show precisely how a drug or device interacts with and the effect on a physiological condition. They are commonly used by pharmaceutical companies to show the effect of the medication but can be used for every field of science.

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When deciding how to proceed with your 3D scientific animation or mechanism of action video, the first step should be choosing the right company with the experience you need to get the job done right. The company should have a deep understanding of your field to be able to convey the information properly expertly.

Ghost Productions is that company. We have in-house experts with extensive training in various scientific and medical fields, and we apply our expertise to creating phenomenal 3D scientific animations and mechanisms of action videos.

We aim to provide you with the highest-quality and most comprehensive scientific animations. We invite you to reach out to us to discuss your ideas and needs and experience the Ghost Productions difference!

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