3D rendering of a medical animation for a spinal fixation system

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Accurate Medical Animations for surgical training and pharmaceutical product marketing.

3D Medical Animation Services

3D medical animation is an effective way to explain medical devices, surgical implants, and pharmaceutical products. It can help create educational resources, showcase the applications and benefits of a particular medical device, or even just marketing videos for a broad audience. 3D medical animation also efficiently produces a high volume of medical graphics that can be utilized to populate websites, surgical manuals, and training materials. Because 3D animation provides exceptional value for a reasonable investment, it remains a standard media component of many key players in the healthcare industry.


3d rendering of an artificial aortic valve
medical animation of an orthopedic surgical implant 3D computer rendered still image

Ghost Medical makes dynamic 3D medical content that helps our clients market medical products all over the world

Why 3D Medical Animations help achieve Medical Marketing, Sales, and Training Goals?

Custom 3D medical animation can help healthcare companies overcome many challenges. Properly designed 3D medical animation can help patients understand their conditions and treatment options. Surgical training animations can significantly reduce the time it takes to help medical professionals fully comprehend the advantages of a new surgical device. 3D animation can provide a more accurate and detailed portrayal of what is happening inside the human body, allowing viewers to gain a better understanding of the intricacies of the human anatomy and a wide range of medical procedures and treatments.

Applications where 3D medical animation may provide significant advantages over other media are:

  • New products can be effectively showcased with 3D medical animations that demonstrate how the product interacts with the human body. For example, medical device animations can display the benefits of using the devices, as well as serve as training for physicians on how to use them.
  • Supporting technology innovation and researchers often need to convince investors that their theories and findings are worth funding, particularly if investors lack a deeper understanding of what their work is trying to achieve; a 3D medical animation can help to quickly explain anatomy, pathology, and treatment technology to audiences of different levels of experience.
  • Pharmaceutical applications can be beautifully represented at the molecular level using a 3D MOA (mechanism of action) animation. Everyone from biochemical engineers to physicians to consumers can watch a well designed MOA animation and quickly gain a deep understanding of exactly how a treatment will benefit the patient.

Why Choose Ghost Medical to produce your 3d Medical Animations?

Experience: Ghost Medical has been producing accurate and compelling medical animation since 1994 and helping clients achieve their goals with every project delivered.

Efficiency: Ghost Medical is delivers medical animation faster FASTER than our competitors by utilizing a rapid previsualization methodology and a dedicated, in-house GPU render farm that has been optimized specifically for rendering medical imagery.

Excellence: Ghost Medical is unmatched in the ability to deliver consistently accurate medical visualization with cinematic quality.

Execution:  Ghost Medical provides a wide range of services medical clients need to achieve their goals.  Surgical training simulations in VR, medical marketing animations, patient education pamphlets, SEO rich dynamic website design, and social media content are just a few of the services you can trust Ghost Medical to responsibly deliver to ensure your success.

Contact Ghost Medical today and tell us more about how we can help you achieve your medical sales, marketing, training, and education goals tomorrow.

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