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Orthopedics: 3D medical animation with a specific focus on a subcategory of the medical specialty of orthopedics dedicated to the health of spine, and the preservation, restoration, and function of the spine and related musculoskeletal system.

Vivid Spine Illustrations and 3D Surgical Visualizations

Quickly and easily explain complex orthopedic treatments and surgical devices with 3D medical video using our spine animation. Ghost Productions specializes in producing the most innovative 3d surgical visualizations featuring spinal animation, sports medicine, joint replacements, and all forms of musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology. Pathologies like arthritis can be dynamically described and trauma can be dramatically illustrated by the talent our medical animation studio. Engage audiences and inspire interest. Our medical animations have been seen at NASS, CNS, and used by hundreds of clients worldwide to market products, train surgeons, and educate patients. View our orthopedic animation library and our computer rendered medical illustrations to get a complete understanding of what we can do for you.

Among the top medical animation companies, Ghost Productions holds the top honors in spine animation. Our very first spinal animation ever produced premiered at the NASS conference back in 1994. Having produced thousands since, it is no surprise that we’re the most trusted name in spinal, trauma, and sports medicine. Our 3D anatomy and computer rendering is capable of producing surgical manuals in a fraction of the time of traditional medical illustration and 3D medical animation is light years ahead of surgical video for patient education.

No matter who is viewing the neurology animation from Ghost Productions, you’ll see improvements in their:





Posterior Spinal Fixation Animation Case Study

Spine Animation Case Study: Posterior Spinal Fixation for FacetLink, Inc.

MISSION: Produce a comprehensive and descriptive medical device animation highlighting the unique features of their posterior spinal fixation systems: HEMI and MINI cross-linking devices. Additionally, show the posterior spinal fixation systems in context with beautifully rendered anatomy to highlight the biomechanics advantages and features.


SOLUTION: One of the main goals was to convey the parent company, LinkSpine’s dedication to preserving soft tissue and developing fixation technologies that used the natural biomechanics of the posterior spinal anatomy as inspiration for the product development.

Posterior Spinal Fixation: Cortical Screw Posterior Spinal Fixation: Small incision

To achieve this indirect goal, we developed a comprehensive and visually compelling 3d model of the incision and posterior spinal anatomy proximal to the lumbar facet joints. By far, this is one of the most beautiful examples of spine animation and 3D spine anatomy we’ve ever made. We engaged our creative team of modelers, and shaders to add that extra detail, appealing to the artist in them.

The result is a 3D spinal animation we continue to be proud of and set the standard for similar surgical applications.

COMPLETED: July, 2014

BUDGET: ≈ $30,000

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