No problem. We’ll get you up and running before you can contemplate whether you should take the red or blue pill.

Do you like movies? So do we. We like them so much we make them for a living and reading is for chumps. This flick will have you rocking your VR headset in less than 3 minutes or the pizza is free.

Here’s the step by step instructions for those who thought assembling the SMÖRBOLL was less challenging than actually navigating through the IKEA where you bought it.

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1. Setting Up Your Play Area

Clear a Play Area 

To ensure you don’t trip over anything, be sure to clear a well lit area approximately 6’ x 6’ for moving around in the virtual space.

Draw Guardian 

The first thing the headset will do when you power it up and place it on your head is to draw a guardian grid around your play area. This will help keep you safe by alerting you if should you ever begin to wander out of your safe play area.

2. Powering Up the VR Headset 

Power it Up

Press the power button for 3 seconds. It should make a chime and you should see an oval logo in the headset as it boots.

Our VR headsets are shipped charged and ready to use and can be run for ~2 hours of continual use before needing to be charged


All of our VR headsets can be charged using the provided USB-C power cable.

Controller Batteries

Controllers use AA batteries that only need replacement every 50 hours of use. The headset will tell you when they need to be replaced

3. Getting the Proper Fit

Enlarge the Head Strap

Extend the headset to its largest size by turning the knob in the back counter-clockwise 

Tighten the Strap

Pull the rear strap down and tighten so that the headset is snug but comfortable by turning the knob clockwise

If you Wear Glasses

Install the glasses extender to make room for your corrective lenses

4. Optimizing Optics

The view inside your headset should be crystal clear. If you notice any blurring or double vision, something is wrong and likely one of these methods below will resolve the issue.

Adjust the Fit

Try to position the headset up and down, tighten to ensure the lenses are directly in front of your eyes. 

Clean the Lenses

Be careful to not allow the lenses to come into contact with your forehead when placing it on your head. Use the included microfiber cloth to clean the lenses by wiping in a circular motion until clean.

Adjust the IPD

Double-Vision is likely due to having the wrong interpupillary distance (IPD) setting. There are 3 different settings to choose. Try moving the lenses inside the headset closer or further apart until the view is perfect. 

5. Enable WiFi

To join others in the virtual surgery using our exclusive Wraithmatrix remote network, you must connect your headset to your local WiFi network.

Access Main Menu

With the headset turned on, press the Menu Button on the right controller to bring up the Main Menu.

Select WiFi Menu

Select the WIFI icon to open the list of available WIFI networks

The oculus wifi network lookup shows the availability of all local wifi networks

Login to a Known WiFi Network

Select a network you use and log in using your Username and Password. 

6. Launch the Ghost VRSE Virtual Reality Studio Experience

Book a meeting with us at
or give us a call at 651-633-1163

Launch Ghost VRSE

— Explore Ghost and learn how our expertise, services, and dedication to our clients can help you achieve your goals. You can even have a virtual consultation with a representative from Ghost by simply entering the Wraithmatrix Operating Room during our normal business hours. A representative will virtually join you in the surgery as soon as one is available. 

4 Step instructions for launching a surgery in Wraith-VR surgical simulation trainer

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