Getting Started with Wraith-VR Surgical Simulator

Partner with Ghost Productions and we’ll have your sales reps performing VR surgical demonstrations with doctors all over the world in a matter of months.

Ghost Productions makes developing a Wraith-VR surgical simulation feature your medical products super easy. Before you know it, you’ll be demonstrating your medical devices, instrumentation, and surgical procedures to surgeons all over the world from the comfort of your living room. Here’s all we need to get started:

surgical procedural manual for hip implant

Your Surgical Procedure Manual


We’ll meet to ensure that we fully understand your goals and approach your surgical simulation with those goals in mind. For most of our clients, following the established surgical procedure with the ideal patient pathology produces the best results in the simulation.

3D Cad files for surgical hip implantation and instrumentation

CAD files for your device and instrumentation.


Having your CAD engineering files formatted properly saves tons of time and guarantees that the simulation accurately matches your real instrumentation.

wraith vr surgical simulation headset

Define the number of VR headsets you’ll need


Do you just need a couple for visitors at medical conferences or 10 for your training center? Perhaps you want 50 to outfit each of your sales reps with a unit so they can let surgeons take your devices out for a virtual spin. Or are you going to be shipping them out to prospective customers for live remote surgical demonstrations? If so, remember you’ll need 1 VR headset for the surgeon, 1 for the sales rep, and 1 for anyone else observing or interacting in the virtual operating room.

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