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Medical device animation:

Moving visualization of the properties, characteristics and applications of medical devices used in the diagnosis, repair or treatment of medical conditions.

Videos for Medical Device Companies

At Ghost Productions, we know that pictures cut straight to the heart of the subject at hand. Animations convey information faster and more incisively than any amount of text. When it comes to promoting the potential advantages of your medical device, Ghost Productions can help. Our stunningly accurate and detailed images can help you convey complex new information with clarity and ease.

We know that words matter, too. They can help explain the mechanics of a device, place it in context and explore its subtleties, while providing details about its potential benefits (and even its limitations). However, when it comes to developing a medical device marketing strategy, it is only likely to succeed if your audience is already intrigued. Words can be your bait, but imagery is the hook.

Enhancing Medical Device Marketing

How do you convey the brilliance of your innovation — its advantages and its potential — rapidly and clearly? We understand that the people you are targeting are among the busiest people in their professions. Most key decision makers view time as their most precious commodity. If your message is not perceived as mission-critical it may be viewed as a waste of precious time.

Whether your clients are physicians toiling on the front lines of medicine, investment bankers or hospital administrators, decision makers are invariably busy. How do you maximize your ability to grab their attention, engage their interest and hold it long enough to make them take notice, so they will be willing to grant you more of their valuable time and attention? Ghost Productions can help you speak volumes in minutes with medical animation.

Medical device makers — and their marketing personnel — have always relied on medical illustration to help convey important messages. Whether that illustration is a full-color brochure or a medical device video featuring expert medical animation, showing prospective clients how something new works is quicker and easier than telling them how something works.

Medical illustration has traditionally been performed by skilled artists laboring to bring medical images to life by hand. Artistry is still essential, but computer-generated imagery (CGI) has advanced medical animation to the next level. Today’s 3D medical animation combines computer graphics with a deep knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology to take full advantage of advances in digital rendering technology.

In our experienced hands, this technology can be harnessed to illustrate challenging topics and demonstrate medical devices in stunning detail, in “real time.” Ghost Productions offers such skill and expertise. We bring a deep understanding of science and medicine to the drawing board. Our superior grasp of science and our advanced artistic skills can help bring your devices and concepts to vibrant, fascinating life.

We will take your prospective clients on a visual journey, illustrating how your device can be used, how the body responds and how the device can further medicines fundamental mission to improve their patients’ lives. No modern medical device marketing strategy can hope to compete in today’s competitive market without this crucial marketing/educational tool. Ghost Productions gives you the power to grab prospective buyers’ attention and illute the minapossibilities — in living color and stunning detail.


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