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Ghost Productions is no stranger to interactivity. Ghost Productions has always led the way by tightly integrating our advanced animation and graphics with the most innovative, interactive platforms available. Our expert programming teams, working on sophisticated medical website design, give our clients customized solutions to fulfill their specific needs.

While we can help you design a new website or add content to an existing site, we are also capable of creating a holistic web strategy that increases the power of your overall web presence.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is of primary importance. Even if you have the most beautiful web page on the Internet, it won’t benefit you if no one knows about it. There are SEO strategies that we employ to make your website more likely to be a top-listed entry on search engine results pages (SERPs). Our strategy uses YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Facebook, podcasts, blog media and .edu backlinks to attract the interest of leading search engines with high-quality content that is specific and captures the attention of your target demographic.

Attention-Getting Content

Great content is what we make, and we expand the reach of your content by putting the linking potential of the Internet to work for your company. Our content is what the spiders at major search engines — such as Google, Yahoo and Bing — look for to rank your web pages at the top of SERPs.

Modern Methods of Web Development

We develop websites using HTML-5-compliant code that maximizes compatibility with all new and old devices. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

All Device Compatibility

Mobile devices have undergone a significant breakthrough in technological advancement since the introduction of the iPad and iPhone. Never before has a single technology platform ever been so widely adopted by the medical industry as the iPad. With its high-resolution display, lengthy battery life and powerful graphics processor, the iPad has an extensive library of medical applications ranging from reviewing CT and MRI images to complex diagnostic tools.

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