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Interactive Media, Website and Mobile VR Application Development

Interactive Media makes it possible to create and distribute immersive presentations to a massive audience. The current best-practice standard is to have interactive medical content that displays properly on any device. The devices used to retrieve content now include computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Ghost Productions is the expert in making interactive medical animation content display properly on any device, as well as engage the viewer with active participation using medical digital media, VR apps, and other mobile medical apps.

Medical Interactive

Interactive media, when distributed properly on all platforms, engages a large audience.

Medical VR App Development

Ghost Productions designs eLearning applications with media-rich lessons

Interactive Medical Multimedia

Ghost Productions is no stranger to interactivity.

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Why Choose Ghost Productions?

No matter what your needs are, Ghost Productions can produce and develop your mobile VR application. If you can imagine it, we will find a way to develop it. We make it easy for our clients to work with us in creating the perfect solution for their unique needs, whether they’ve had experience with interactive animation production and interactive media software or are considering them for the first time.

When we create interactive medical animations, it’s with audience engagement in mind. That’s why we often incorporate artistic images, rich characters and captivating narratives that bring medicine to life.

Our free project estimates and proposals go hand-in-hand with the streamlined production-review tools we offer clients for an overall easier interaction, review and decision-making process. In addition, our experience in the industry dates to 1994 — you can trust us to create the right solution to suit any specifications you might have.

Global Reach

Deliver interactive and dynamic training programs to any computer or device, any place in the world. Ghost Productions eLearning services produce interactive educational experiences with fully integrated learning management systems. Our eLearning solutions allow clients to centralize and automate distribution and administration of content with testing, personalized content for each user, as well as having the ability to track and report each user’s test scores.

Consistent Care

Expand the possibilities of your existing training programs with virtual learning environments for sales reps and medical teams. Create patient education programs that are accessible from the Internet and mobile devices to ensure that the top level of care continues after a patient returns home.

Interactive Media and Benefits

When you trust a quality interactive medical animation company like Ghost Productions to design your content, the end product will give you a competitive advantage. You can trust our animations to positively influence every audience and team member you show them to, including:

Your Sales Team

Your team won’t be able to convincingly portray the right information about your product, medicine or device to potential buyers if they don’t have a firm grasp on the information. They need to feel excited and confident about presenting their pitch, and our interactive medical animations help get them to that point.


Not every potential investor in a new product will fully understand the complex anatomical and medicinal functions you’ll need to explain for buy-in. They also don’t always have much extra time to hear what you have to say, so slow, in-depth explanations are out. To get your product into the development stages with the right support, you need to explain your purpose in a short amount of time. You can trust our interactive media to help you get the job done and fully engage your investors. 


As the future of the medical industry, medical students in the process of learning surgical procedures and other crucial material will find a much more immersive experience when they use interactive medical animations as opposed to textbooks or slideshows. They can study medical animations, interactive media and VR apps to retain as much information as efficiently as possible.


Patients will be able to access the information they need to continue their care after they leave the hospital, but what about before a procedure? Interactive animation media will give them the chance to consider their options in the first place. They’ll be able to fully comprehend their conditions and the treatments available to them, which can also enhance their feeling of safety with you as a provider. Getting patients on the most successful path to recovery is a priority that interactive media drives.