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Medical Illustration and Ghost Productions

3D medical illustrations are useful elements that help explain human anatomy and physiology; making it easier to understand diseases, pathologies, injuries and treatment options. Ghost Productions is a medical illustration company that works in the field of computer rendering of human anatomy and science illustration. Our medical illustration services focus on increasing the medical illustration quality while significantly reducing the time and expense of delivering images for brochures, large-format prints, surgical manuals, product packaging, medical graphics for websites, and other digital or physical displays.

3d rendering of an artificial aortic valve

3D Medical Illustration

The medical illustrators at Ghost Productions are talented artists with specialized education and training in medicine and science.

Biomedical Illustration

Ghost Productions creates surgical manuals with greater quality, for a lower budget.

Anatomical Illustration

We commonly produce medical illustrations for surgical technique manuals.

Latest Works

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Additional Benefits of 3D Medical Illustration Services From Ghost Productions

Quality 3D medical illustrations drastically change the way you’re able to communicate your capabilities, products and services. You can efficiently explain complex systems, which is highly necessary in countless situations with a limited timeframe.

Greater Audience Comprehension

With the level of accuracy and detail we’re able to offer in our 3D medical illustrations, there’s a much higher chance any audience member will understand the information — and much faster. In any medical scenario, comprehension is critical. Medical students in training need to fully grasp each concept, as they’ll be applying their knowledge later in critical situations. Furthermore, patients can feel safer about a medical device or procedure if they fully understand it.

Enhanced Engagement

At Ghost Productions, we strive to make our animations and 3D medical illustrations detailed, artistic and engaging. Instead of trying to read block paragraphs from an old medical textbook, your audience can view concepts in vivid color and feel as though they’re looking at the real body part or product. When it comes to sales, reps will be able to show their knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence along with compelling illustrations.

Higher Pitch Success

You need your audience to believe in your product or service. If you’re trying to discuss treatment options with a patient, you want them to make the right decision about their health for the best possible outcome. If you’re in the development process with a medical device or medicine, you need investors to back you. When you’re able to quickly get the details to your audience and increase both comprehension and engagement thanks to our medical illustration services, you’re more likely to experience success in these endeavors.

Expert Medical Illustration Company

At Ghost Productions, we’ve been creating 3D medical illustration, medical animation, and interactive media since 1994. We work with each of our clients in specialized ways to ensure they get the custom solutions they need, no matter their level of experience with software development and illustration production. We don’t create standard videos and illustrations for each medical field — we work with each individual client to customize the best content for their strategy.

Whether you need to train students, treat patients, sell products, or garner investments, our medical illustration services offer several advantages to help you gain a competitive edge. In addition to a free proposal and project estimate to ensure proper budgetary planning, we provide a streamlined process with easy-to-use client-review tools and product interaction before approval, so you’re satisfied with the final product.

Working with Our Team of Medical Illustrators & Artists

Special Training

Instead of trying to read block paragraphs from an old medical textbook, your audience can view concepts in vivid color and feel as though they’re looking at the real body part or product.

Collaborative Process

Our streamlined review tools allow our clients to easily review and interact with their products.


Whether you need to train students, treat patients, sell products or garner investments, we offer several advantages to help you gain the competitive edge.