The people who built Ghost Productions because they wished to innovate the development of medical technology and because they wanted to have fun while doing it. Of course they also wanted to have and provide a stable employment opportunity for innovative and creative people. The people who started this company and the people who work here are passionate about turning ideas in to reality and making the word, “Impossible,” a bit more obsolete with every keystroke and mouse click.

Ghost is an exciting place to work. Every day will present you with interesting challenges and rewarding opportunities to do and try things never before attempted. 3D animation, medical graphics, and interactive media are still in their experimental development phases allowing us to pioneer new and amazing techniques to produce excellent results. 

The work we do is important as it helps surgeons and doctors learn how to provide beneficial medical advancements for their patients and improve patient understanding of medicine so that they can make better decisions for themselves regarding their healthcare options. Working for Ghost gives you the opportunity to see the future of medical technology. 

Why do our employees love working at Ghost?

Flexible Core Hours – Are you a morning person or someone who likes to work late? The choice is yours by because we allow our employees to span their shift by two hours earlier or later to avoid peak traffic times and the need to speed to get their kids from school.

Stability – Layoffs are rare at Ghost  because our quality and client satisfaction remains the highest in the industry, fiscal responsibility and longevity are the core value driving our management decisions, and the medical industry is inherently stable.

Medical Benefits – Ghost offers a its employees the a variety of healthcare plans that best suits their needs for themselves and their families. Ghost contributes funds to each employees plan to ensure that affordable healthcare is not a concern for anyone who works here.

Retirement Benefits – Ghost offers a flexible 401k retirement plan with a 4% match contribution.

Ergonomic Workstations – Ghost is leading the way in the reduction of repetitive stress related injuries by providing everyone in the studio with a workstation customized to their needs by a licensed occupational therapist who specializes in ergonomic assessment and adaptive technology. We also offer standing and motion workstations allowing our staff to avoid the health problems common in  sedentary working condition.

Generous Paid Time Off – Ghost wants its staff healthy and well rested so we offer three weeks of paid time off accrued in their first year of full-time employment and an additional day of vacation time for every year thereafter giving our veteran staff more time with their families and to pursue passions outside of medicine and media production. 

Autonomy – We’ve got policies just like any other company but we do our best to give each staff member the ability to take breaks whenever they feel the need and an environment that allows everyone freedom to explore their own creative method. If you think you’ve got a better way to accomplish the goals, lets hear it. Experimentation is encouraged at Ghost and bureaucracy is avoided whenever humanly possible.

Ability to Work Remotely – Though we still prefer the collective process of physically having all the smartest and creative people under one roof, we have installed powerful VPN technology making it possible for our employees to work from home on days when the weather outside is frightful or family commitments call for extended periods outside of our studio’s geographic location.

EOD LAN Gaming – After our staff has spent all day producing digital excellence it is common to unwind with a bit of FPS virtual slaughtering of your fellow employee. 

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