A little girl with a heart defect

Story Driven Character Animation

3D Character Medical Animation Engages Viewers

In order to get an audience to understand the content and take specific actions based on a video presentation, the first requirement is to achieve audience engagement. Story-driven, 3D character animation by Ghost Productions does so much more than explain medical concepts, procedures, devices, pharmaceuticals and health care. These 3D animated medical videos capture the audience’s imagination in a delightful and powerful way.

A man standing on a ladder is about to fall in this medical animation

Compelling Characters and Exciting Stories

Some of the earliest experiences we all have as children are to enjoy watching animations. One of the reasons that animation is so compelling is that our medical 3D animation company can tailor-make a character that is exactly what is needed to tell the story. When using compelling 3D animation characters, these presentations create audience engagement by:

  • Getting the audience’s attention
  • Telling the story in an exciting way
  • Empowering the audience with a specific call to action, when desired, which the audience can act upon once they are well-informed

Animation and Characters can be Specifically Audience-Targeted.

The design of 3D character medical animation includes working with an in-depth understanding of the target audience demographics. This approach is especially useful for keeping children, teenagers and adults engaged while they are absorbing the medical information they need. If the target audience is diverse, more than one character may be used, for sub-segments of the audience to relate to, in order to provide various perspectives on the subject matter.

Animated Characters Create an Emotional Connection with the Audience.

Through a process called “mirroring,” animation characters create emotional states for an audience that the audience will feel, which helps guide their understanding of the material being presented. For example, if something might be confusing, an animated character can express confusion about it as well, thereby allowing the audience to feel less intimidated by the subject matter.

3D Character Medical Animation Help the Audience Understand Complex Subjects.

Our medical 3D animation company uses animated medical videos to help explain a medical procedure, how a certain type of medicine works, or the functions of a medical device, in an easy-to-understand way.

The Expertise and Experience of Ghost Productions

Ghost Productions offers story-driven 3D medical animations that feature compelling characters. They are colorful, involving, exciting and empowering. They also can include interactivity for appropriate applications such as when using them for kiosk presentations.

Ghost Productions helps clients passionately tell their stories and make it unforgettable. Our medical 3D animation company is the ONLY highly regarded professional studio with extensive experience producing high-quality 3D characters and medical animations that are anatomically correct and medically accurate.

Latest Works

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Animated Brand Spokesperson Case Study

Character Animation Case Study: Medical Spokesperson for the Bausch + Lomb Technology Showcase

Project Mission: Create a compelling way to highlight the Bausch + Lomb latest technology advances. Suffering from a common problem with successful growth, Bausch + Lomb has produced many animation visualizations to explain their technologies. Many of these videos were produced by different production companies and often different divisions. Our challenge was to develop a creative concept to contain a number of visually divergent animations in a cohesive presentation.

Solution: We recommended the application of an animated spokesperson to present and lead the audience through the line of technology advances. This introduction in a branded environment gave a cohesive context for each technology piece. Additional attention was paid to the formatting of each of the animations would be presented. We also recommended rescripting and applying the same VO talent across all of the animations.

The technology showcase was very successful in achieving these goals. The rendering worked out to be very believable and interesting to watch. We were challenged by some irregularly formatted content but we were able to edit these together in a very cohesive manor. In some cases we were able to repurpose animation content that was likely doomed due to the low resolutions.

In the process of developing the B+L spokesperson, we were able to advance our capability while expanding our software for character building. Lighting and shading a light neutral environment presented a number of technical challenges as well since the global illumination initially didn’t offer much to help contrast in the character. We solved this with a custom lighting rig that kept the character rooted in the branded environment while offering enough contrast to distinguish he features at distance.

This was a really fun and exciting project for our creative and production team. We expanded our capabilities and had a great time developing this solution. We invite you to share your marketing challenges and we can work together to build a solid solution, and have fun doing it!

Completed: July, 2012

Budget: ≈ $15,000-$18,000