July 26, 2021 · 8 min read

Ghost Productions at Shift Medical 2021

Extended reality-augmented reality or virtual reality-is improving myriad aspects of healthcare, transforming the industry to offer better patient well-being, data visualization for hospitals, and refined surgeries. Studios such as Ghost Productions Medical Animation are making these changes. In order for such technology to enhance healthcare, improve patient health and education, and improve accessibility to health services, businesses, governments, and medical staff alike must learn how to best adopt this technology, and where it applies most.

Shift Medical 2021
To address these issues, professionals across multiple industries are joining together for Shift Medical 2021. Shift Medical is Europe’s biggest medical expo complete with over 500 participants. Poised in a virtual setting, Shift Medical 2021 will feature over 50 speakers focused on strengthening the exchange of knowledge between medical XR and governments, businesses, and the general public. Doing so will impact regulatory decisions, technological implementation, and data standards around the world.

What to Expect
Over the course of three days, Shift Medical 2021 will offer unique sessions where visitors can learn about the use of extended reality in hospital settings moving forward, how surgery can benefit from extended reality, and its impact on mental health. Panels will address usability and accessibility for extended reality, specifically the ways in which virtual reality and animation can be used to improve medical training and education.

Featured Guests
Attending the event this year is Ghost Productions, a medical animation and virtual reality company. Award-winning, Ghost Productions creates functional medical animations and virtual reality to:

  • Train medical professionals
  • Market pharmaceutical drugs and surgical devices
  • Educate patients about healthcare treatments

Their work corroborates extended reality panels over the three day expo, offering insights into the future of extended reality to improve patient education and surgical training.

To see Ghost Productions in action, get tickets now to Shift Medical 2021. Early bird sales have already ended, so reserve your spot today before general admission sells out!