October 26, 2020 · 3 min read

Ghost Productions is Hiring! Photon Multiplayer Unity Developer

We are a well established medical visualization company hiring a full-time team member to join our virtual reality surgical simulation department. We need a multiplayer network specialist who is able to replicate objects, anatomical states, and all other events that might occurs in a virtual surgery across the internet to multiple users connected via Oculus Quest untethered VR headsets.

Requirements: Unity 3D / Photon network engineer with a minimum of 2 years experience related to networked multiplayer game design. Applicants must provide a functional example of a Unity 3D/Photon multiplayer experience prior to interview.

VR and/or mobile network experience is preferred.

Job Type: Full-time

If interested, please apply at https://www.indeed.com/job/photon-multiplayer-network-specialist-5cbf7c7992730880