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Ghost Productions is Hiring! Unity Developer

Job Title:  Unity Developer

Job Summary

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop software for simulating medical procedures and training medical professionals.
  • Investigate, prototype, and refine novel methods for creating and delivering realistic medical simulations on a wide variety of VR hardware.
  • Explore newly developed haptic technology and methods of integrating a more fully immersive training experience for physicians and medical professionals.
  • Contribute to the team effort to create more efficient methods of developing virtual reality simulations by increasing the capability of our base software.
  • Integrate existing virtual reality hardware/software systems with new, experimental haptic feedback devices to better simulate a wide variety of medical scenarios.
  • Experience with networking a must, ie: UNET, Photon, Forge, or similar.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

  • Apply technical skills to support hardware engine driven 3D Interactive and VR development.
  • Timely fulfillment of sprint deadlines.
  • Open/regular communications with fellow team members to enhance the success of the overall team.
  • Support other team members to find technical solutions and improve the overall sprint outcomes.
  • Updating the Scrum Master daily of status and potential perceived roadblocks.
  • Discovering new techniques for the 3D development process that makes for a more visually stunning software and a stronger, more efficient development pipeline.
  • Fulfilling objectives and directives of the Scrum Master, and Project Owners goals.
  • Accurately interpret direction and efficiently deliver desired results.

Job Requirements & Qualifications


  • Associate Degree, or proven talent.

Knowledge Requirements (licenses, programs, or certifications):

– Unity/Unreal (or similar engine driven hardware rendering packages), C#, Python or similar objective code language.


Submit your resume & demo reel to

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Ghost Productions is Hiring! 3D Animator

3D Medical Animator

Job Summary

Primary Responsibilities:

• Create and animate content for clients to utilize for training, education, entertainment, and product marketing.

• Learn and bring new ideas/ solutions to improve the look of Ghost.

Secondary Responsibilities:

• Collaborate with other members of the team to best plan productions and facilitate storytelling

• Increase skills and usefulness of new employees added to your group.

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Ghost Productions is Hiring! We are looking for a Game Artist.

Job Summary – Overview: Ghost Productions is a creative development company that specializes in helping surgical device companies train physicians and other healthcare professionals. Using virtual reality technologies, our aim is to reduce the amount of fatal errors in mission critical procedures. Essential Functions & Responsibilities – Primary Responsibilities:
  • Creating 3D models based on concept art and anatomical references
  • Use your understanding of optimized low poly asset creation
  • Collaborate with other members of the team to best facilitate team success
– Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Improve understanding of medical techniques and general anatomy.
  • Assist in improvements to workflow including the ability to setup and define pipelines, processes, and best practices.
  • Have fun and contribute to a creative and positive work environment.
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    Ghost Productions is Hiring! 3D Rigger & Generalist

    Job Title: 3D Rigger and Generalist


    Primary Responsibilities:
    Create a great variety of rigs to be used by the animation staff.
    Contribute to regular animation pipeline by also being able to supply modeling and animating skills.
    Learn and bring new ideas/solutions to improve the look of Ghost.
    Improve production pipeline by developing, maintaining, and implementing native scripted software tools for animation/production software.
    Create and develop dynamic particle and fluid simulations.
    Maintain clean and well organized rigged files that have understandable, unique naming convention.
    Secondary Responsibilities:
    Collaborate with other members of the team to best plan productions and facilitate storytelling.
    Increase skills and usefulness of both yourself and your fellow co-workers.

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    Ghost Productions is Hiring! WordPress Web Developer

    WordPress Web Developer 

    Job Description 
    Ghost Productions, Inc. is a medical animation and VR developer seeking a Web Developer/Designer to complete their in progress website. Ideal candidate must have at least 3 years of experience. Skill set should include organization, and expertise in web development & interface design. 
    Key Duties and Responsibilities 

    • Design and implement website from initial concept, site architecture, and user interface to finished deliverable • Code and implement WordPress sites from to a custom theme, functions, and plugins • Design and implement new features, enhancements, and content of existing websites • Create and update re-usable code libraries to streamline WordPress development cycle • Update media sites with new content and link them to the main site for SEO • Create new media and interactive content using Slider Revolution and other WordPress plugins. • Facilitate WordPress, site documentation and maintenance • Design interfaces and graphics for presentations and mobile-delivered applications


    (Note: Must have all of the experience listed below):

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    How Virtual Reality Solves Medical Device Sales Reps’ Obstacles

    Medical device sales representatives face a variety of challenges when presenting new devices to surgeons. Many medical devices involve complex procedures. If a surgeon does not understand the procedure or finds it difficult to visualize, they are unlikely to select the device. A successful sales rep knows how to use the device properly, explain its benefits and usefulness, and provide adequate support after a sale.

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    How Patients Benefit From Virtual Reality Simulated Training

    Virtual reality simulated training provides a virtual environment1 where surgeons can practice techniques. Medical professionals use virtual reality to perform training and demonstrations and plan operations in a risk-free space. This technology also benefits patients directly and indirectly. Learn how virtual reality training for surgeons offers multiple advantages to patients.

    New Innovations Through Virtual Reality Training for Surgeons

    The virtual reality space gives medical professionals a place to test new techniques2 while using minimal physical resources. Surgeons can repeat the same procedures as many times as they like to further develop their skills.

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    Time-Saving Advantages From Virtual Reality Simulated Training

    A virtual reality surgery simulator imitates real-life surgical situations1 for training and demonstrations. It teaches medical professionals how to use tools, perform new techniques and complete complex procedures. This technology enhances care through multiple benefits. Its virtual operating room and patient provide a risk-free space where the user can practice techniques and build confidence. Virtual reality medical simulation training also allows medical professionals to work together and become a cohesive team.

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    Is The Oculus Quest Powerful Enough to Deliver Portable Surgical Simulations?

    For immediate release: 7:00 AM CST – 10/15/19 – St. Paul MN”

    Untethered VR Surgical Solutions Turns VR From a Training Tool into a Marketing Tool

    Medical animation and surgical simulation developer, Ghost Productions, Inc. has completed feasibility testing on the Oculus Quest cordless virtual reality headset and the results are promising. Their tests challenged the medical rendering capabilities of the wireless VR headset and while it was not capable of delivering photo-realistic imagery it could interact with surgical anatomy in real time. These findings allow for a profound shift in VR’s adoption within the medical industry that has been slow to take advantage of the many benefits VR’s simulation-based training can provide.

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    How Investing in Virtual Reality Can Boost Medical Device Sales

    simulated training in real life
    Due to the advent of medical devices, surgeons are constantly challenged to pick up speed on the latest inventions and how-to procedures. Often, there’s a gap between what sales reps know about their products and what surgeons need to know in order to complete successful surgeries and safe medical procedures. That’s where virtual reality comes in.

    Many medical device sales companies are investing in virtual reality simulators in order to get medical practitioners on board with proper training. Virtual reality simulators educate surgeons in a safe, effective manner by allowing for mastery of medical procedures in a controlled environment without causing real harm to a patient.

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