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Is The Oculus Quest Powerful Enough to Deliver Portable Surgical Simulations?

For immediate release: 7:00 AM CST – 10/15/19 – St. Paul MN”

Untethered VR Surgical Solutions Turns VR From a Training Tool into a Marketing Tool

Medical animation and surgical simulation developer, Ghost Productions, Inc. has completed feasibility testing on the Oculus Quest cordless virtual reality headset and the results are promising. Their tests challenged the medical rendering capabilities of the wireless VR headset and while it was not capable of delivering photo-realistic imagery it could interact with surgical anatomy in real time. These findings allow for a profound shift in VR’s adoption within the medical industry that has been slow to take advantage of the many benefits VR’s simulation-based training can provide.

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How Investing in Virtual Reality Can Boost Medical Device Sales

simulated training in real life
Due to the advent of medical devices, surgeons are constantly challenged to pick up speed on the latest inventions and how-to procedures. Often, there’s a gap between what sales reps know about their products and what surgeons need to know in order to complete successful surgeries and safe medical procedures. That’s where virtual reality comes in.

Many medical device sales companies are investing in virtual reality simulators in order to get medical practitioners on board with proper training. Virtual reality simulators educate surgeons in a safe, effective manner by allowing for mastery of medical procedures in a controlled environment without causing real harm to a patient.

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Ghost Productions is Hiring! Jr. AGILE Project Manager

Job Summary – Junior AGILE Project Manager


Primary Responsibilities:

– Client Communication on project status
-Deliver assets to clients and manage media feedback and approvals.
-Schedule projects using AGILE and waterfalls planning methods
-Ensure proper procedures followed for proposing, billing, invoicing, change orders, etc.
-Ensure that client requests are being implemented on time and meeting or exceeding expectations of quality
-Enter client contacts in database, ensure database is up to date and functional
-Ensure that all projects are completed on time.
-Complete Manager tasks (as related to job description) on time and as described

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Press Release: New Medical VR Development Software

For immediate release: 7:00 AM CST – 9/30/19 – St. Paul MN”

New medical VR development software helps 3D medical animation studio make highly functional surgical simulations and medical training content.

New medical VR development software helps a 3D medical animation studio create a surgical simulation that trains surgeons to properly perform an advanced total knee replacement method.

real life training in hospital wing

Extensive flight simulator training sessions are required for airline pilots before they are even allowed onboard an actual aircraft. The proven success of simulation-based trainings has led to it becoming a training requirement in nearly all industries where mission critical human errors are a likely cause of injuries, fatalities, or catastrophic loss. Unfortunately, an industry that is suffering from a significant shortage of simulation-based training programs and beleaguered by human errors that are responsible for as many as 250,000 deaths and costing the economy as much as $1 trillion annually in the U.S. alone.

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The Secret to Better Medical Education: VR Surgical Simulation

real-life training in hospital wing

Patients place their lives and trust in the expertise of healthcare practitioners. Wouldn’t it make sense, then, that quality education of healthcare professionals should be a top priority when it comes to saving lives? That’s where virtual reality simulation comes in. Virtual reality surgical simulation forges new and efficient ways to educate healthcare professionals without the added time and money it takes to train surgeons in real-time.

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Ghost Productions is Hiring! 3D/VR Generalist

Join the team! ghOst Productions is looking to hire a creative and hard

working 3D/VR Generalist to join our studio in Maplewood, MN.

Job Title: 3D/VR Asset Generalist

Job Summary

Primary Responsibilities:

• Asset creation (Modeling/Shading/Lighting) for engine hardware rendering to be used for training, education, entertainment, and marketing.

• Learn and bring new ideas/ solutions to improve visual sophistication and efficiency for hardware rendering solutions.

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Looking for a paid internship? Ghost Productions is hiring!

Ghost Productions is seeking a motivated and positive individual to support our creative studio as an intern. This paid position will begin June 3rd and last for roughly 6 weeks. The internship will focus on assisting the Ghost Studio with the creation of a new visual content library. 



Catalog Medical data entry. Position will focus primarily on cataloging previously created content for use within visual content library and creating medically accurate descriptions and keywords for the content.

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Ghost Productions is Hiring! Rigging & Dynamics Artist

Ghost Productions is hiring! We are looking for an experienced rigging and dynamics artist.

Primary Responsibilities:

  •  Create, rig and animate content for clients to utilize for training, education, entertainment, and product marketing.
  •  Learn and bring new ideas/solutions to improve the look of ghOst.
  • Improve production pipeline by developing, maintaining, and implementing native scripted software tools for animation/production software.
  • Create and develop dynamic particle and fluid simulations.
  • Maintain clean and well organized rigged files that have understandable, unique naming convention.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  •  Collaborate with other members of the team to best plan productions and facilitate storytelling.
  •  Increase skills and usefulness of both yourself and your fellow co-workers.

BONUS Responsibilities

  • The capacity to build, maintain and upgrade workstations and servers.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

  • – Creating and animating visually engaging content from pre-production assets.
  • – Effectively communicating client ideas through a visual medium.
  • – Support 3D production staff with general rigging tasks and scripting in Maya.
  • – Meeting production deadlines.
  • – Teamwork.
  • – Updating project management software on a daily basis utilizing SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) to coordinate projects with other team members.
  • – Incorporating client feedback into projects
  • – Discovering new techniques for the 3D production process that makes for a more visually stunning product and a stronger, more efficient production pipeline.
  • – Fulfilling objectives and directives of directors and managers.
  • – Above all, have fun!

Job Requirements & Qualifications

Education: Associate Degree, or proven artistic talent.

Knowledge Requirements (licenses, programs, or certifications):  Autodesk Maya, Houdini, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Basic Compression and Authoring Software

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5 Reasons Hospitals Won’t Adopt Your New Medical Device

If your company developed a new medical device, you might find yourself in a frustrating position. The healthcare industry is known for slow adoption of new technology. Innovators face the challenge of persuading physicians, purchasing agents and other healthcare staff to invest in their product while ensuring it will improve workflow and patient care. Even though patients expect to see their physicians using new technology, less than 30 percent¹ of healthcare organizations seek change.

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Medical Device Marketing

Medical Device Marketing

Marketing medical devices is quite an involved process that requires extensive planning and careful attention to detail. It requires developing a medical device marketing strategy that gets the right information into the hands of the right people at the right times. Depending on your device and your goals, your target audience might be physicians, hospitals, distributors, patients or a combination of several groups. You need to be able to thoroughly explain to your audience what your device is, how it would benefit them and why they should purchase it.

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