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Using Animation To Demonstrate IVC Filter Placement And Removal

blood-clotThe problem: Blood clots that move from the lower body to the upper body — including moving to the heart, lungs and brain — can do significant damage, causing stroke and life-threatening embolism.

The solution: Ghost Productions created a fantastic, medically accurate 3D animation that demonstrates how using a Denali® filter captures these blood clots and keeps them from moving to parts of the body where they can cause serious harm. The Denali® filter is a vena cava filter that captures these rogue blood clots as they transverse in the circulatory system. The 3D animation produced by Ghost Productions shows how the Denali® filter placement is achieved with a minimally invasive procedure.

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Medical Animations For Spine Surgery

Spinal repair surgery is one of the most complex procedures that medical students, physicians as well as patients need to understand. Technological advancement in medical device implantation and advanced surgical procedures are best demonstrated by high-quality 3D spinal surgery animation.Spine Animation - 3D

Spine animation shows the intricate parts of the spinal column and how all the pieces interact to form the support structure of the spinal column. By observing the anatomically correct 3D spine animation, it is easier for medical students, physicians, and patients to understand the delicate surgical procedures and the use of certain medical implant devices as they watch spine 3D animation.

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Cardiologist-Neurologist Communication Is Crucial For Vascular Disease Patients

consultation in cardiology3D animation is extraordinarily useful in cardiology. Most of the procedures are complex and not easily described by a physician to a patient unless the physician uses visual references that are anatomically correct. Using 3D animation helps patients understand the physiology and how specific procedures could improve their lives.
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Ghost Productions is Hiring! – FileMaker Pro Developer


Custom Software Developer


Interactive Dept.


Competitive full-time salary with standard employee medical/dental benefits, 401k retirement contributions, and extensive bonus incentives for achieving milestone challenges ahead of deadlines


Ghost Productions is making a pilgrimage from off-the-shelf CRM & project management software and developing its own integrated solution based on FileMaker Pro platform. The end product will automate and track everything from sales to resource scheduling and production management.


The FileMaker Developer will work directly with the CEO to develop, “Ghost Mission Director,” a fully customized and automated project management workflow solution to radically streamline the everything the studio does on a daily basis. This position requires a wide range of responsibilities, including database development, feature ideation and design, automation scripting, custom function creation, multi-
platform optimization for WebDirect and iOS end user deployment, application testing, and troubleshooting.


• Design, development, maintenance, documentation, and troubleshooting of a robust and radically innovative FileMaker Pro database solution.
• User interface and layout design, scripting, and creating or modifying fields, calculations, tables, relationships, and custom functions.
• Integrate 3rd party plugins with the Filemaker solution via Filemaker Pro Server to increase the capabilities of the solution well beyond the core software.
• Optimization of various solution components for use by the staff, collaborative vendors, and clients via WebDirect and iOS platforms.
• Unyielding attention to detail and empathy for the end user experience to ensure that each deployment is not only functional but blissful to use.
• Passion to experiment to create a product that pushes innovation to a new level.
• Willingness to use and grow all skills and talents to the benefit of Ghost Productions, its staff, and its clients.
• Occasional travel for technology conferences, advanced training, and other continuing education opportunities


Extensive experience programming in Filemaker Pro Advanced v12 and above, including complex relational design, scripting, report and UI design for for Filemaker, Pro WebDirect, and iOS deployment via Filemaker Pro Server.
Ability to create and deploy functional Runtime solutions.
Your resume will not be considered without Filemaker experience and the ability to show examples of innovative solutions you’ve developed in the past.
•Ideally is an in-house position. Applicants who require telecommuting or who are offshore vendors will likely not be considered.

• Functional understanding of CRM, CalDAV, gantt- based project management and team-based collaboration tools.


Good training and communication skills, verbal and written.
Commitment to learning new skills and techniques
Ability to work both collaboratively and independently.


Experience with additional scripting languages and technologies such as HTML 5, Java, JSON, Python, xCode, Applescript/Automator, and SQL to increase the capabilities of the final solution.
Filemaker SDK – if you know how to make viable standalone iOS apps via the Filemaker SDK that function independently from the Filemaker GO base application, contact us for an interview right away!


• Ability to move about as needed throughout the day
•Requires ability to use ergonomic sit and/or stand workstation up to 8 hours per day
• Ability to use computer workstation, including keyboard and visual display terminal, for extended periods of time

•Ability to complete tasks in an environment where interruptions are the norm and background noise is present
•Ability to move throughout studio and between buildings, including stairs or elevator.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the person assigned to this position. Essential job functions are intended to describe those functions that are primary to the performance of this job. Other job duties include those that are considered secondary to the overall purpose of this position.
This position description does not state or imply that the above are the only duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Employees holding this position will be required to perform any other job- related duties as requested. Ghost Productions, Inc. reserves the right to revise job descriptions or work hours as required.

Interested applicants should email their resume to

Applicants should throughly research



3D Animation: Thrombus Retrieval Systems/Mechanical Thrombectomy Explained

ghost productions3D animation is extremely useful regarding thrombus retrieval systems and how a qualified surgeon performs a mechanical thrombectomy using a blood clot removal device. What is described in so many words can be better explained using 3D animation. Read below to learn how 3D animation serves as a powerful tool for surgeons and patients.
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What is Medical E-Learning?

e-learning for patientsE-learning for healthcare makes use of interactive 3-D animation to show medical complexities in an easy-to-understand way. E-learning media offers many benefits for medical practices and healthcare organizations. E-learning media has evolved to be one of the best ways for informing patients and healthcare practitioners. Because of this, it is being used in all parts of the medical realm and in the healthcare industry. Here’s how:

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Image of hanging furniture in waiting room

Unconventionally Comfortable Waiting Room with Suspended Furniture

How we made our office entryway attractive, fun, and comfortable while also creating a relaxing lounge for team members and clients for around $500.

Now that we’ve completed our move into our new studio space, we can focus on updating and outfitting our new office with our own Ghost Productions sense of style. Because our entry way is the first thing that our visitors will see we, decided to start there and make our waiting room a creative space. As with any office update it is important to begin by determining, needs, realizing assets, and setting a budget.

Because we are Ghost and because we desire function and fun over convention, we decided to do away with the standard waiting room chairs and opted for something much cooler. It just so happens that a local company produces these incredibly comfortable and durable hovering chairs in a variety of colors. Check them out at So we bought a variety of colors and hung them from the beams we made a few days earlier.

skychair_beam IMG_3393Staff in chairs

Shopping List:

Picture of everything needed to make the sky chair project

Sky Chairs in assorted colors: $90 x (4) = $360

> 3000 lbs. Rated Carabiner or Quick Link: $4 x (6) = $24

> 3000 lbs. Static Climbing Rope:  $40

Framing Lumber 2″x 6″ x 10′ : $8 x (6) = $48

10″ Timber Screws: $15 for 12 pack = $15

(1) 1 Qt Wood Stain: $10

(1) Antique Oil Finish:  $11

the woodstain is on fire and can be seen darkening woodgrain

Turning Inexpensive Wood into Art

Staining wood with fire to make cheap construction pine look more like antique reclaimed wood for pennies on the dollar.

Our new studio is coming along and we’re changing gears from moving and organizing into full on construction. This week we’re going to be building some beams for a few of the building projects and we’ll show you how to do it.

Step 1. Buy cheap framing pine boards in the needed dimensions.

photo of cheap framing pine wood

Step 2. Lightly sand and apply pre-stain.

Minwax Pre-Stain

Step 3. Apply generous amount of wood stain.

applying wood stain in thick coats

Step 4. Use a torch to start stain on fire and burn into wood.

A propane torch is used to start the wood stain on fire  the woodstain is on fire and can be seen darkening wood grain the wood stain is on fire and burning into board

Step 5. Add additional details and shading to woodgrain using propane torch. using a torch to burn woodgrain into board









Step 6. Seal wood with antique wood finish.

Comparison of glossy finished wood to unfinished

Join us in the next installment where we mount these beams to the ceiling to make the coolest waiting room ever with hanging furniture.

How to use fire to stain inexpensive cheap construction pine look more like antique reclaimed wood the cheap and easy way.



5 Ways To Educate Your Patients With Animations

Healthcare workers in America are overstressed. They barely have the time necessary to complete the tasks they are assigned. What’s more, many of these tasks are of life or death matters.

At the same time, there is an enormous need for clear, helpful and easy-to-understand medical education to teach patients their responsibilities for self-care. It’s essential to keep in mind that the most successful outcomes in healthcare occur when patients are also engaged in the process of getting healthier. Read moreRead more


3D Animation: The Answer To Marketing Modern Medicine

Medical advancements are occurring at a frenetic pace. The rapid pace of technological innovation demands that medical marketing keep up. Healthcare marketing initiatives will excel if they take advantage of the best practices in using 3D animation for medical presentations. This is especially so when this medium is a key part of a comprehensive healthcare marketing strategy.

By using 3D for medical animation, it is possible to convey a message in a dramatic and engaging way that can’t be achieved with other methodologies.
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