Our Story

We Work Exclusively in Medicine

Though Ghost Productions got its start as a 3D computer animation company, we also have produced award-winning special effects laden commercials for everything from name-brand beverages to high-end sports gear and even produced a few animated television shows. The decision to exclusively work in medicine and exclusively for the medical industry was made after the founders realized that their efforts felt most appreciated and rewarded when they contributed to the advancement of medical technology and its benefit to humanity. So in the 6th year of the company Ghost Productions has focused exclusively in medicine and little else thereafter.

When do we do it?

Ghost Productions was originally founded in 1994 when it began pioneering the use of 3D software to explain surgical procedures. It was later incorporated in 1998 and our 3D computer animation company has had the honor of helping the most innovative medical companies on the planet achieve their goals. Our skilled employees come to work every day to face new and exciting challenges and our computers are rolling out content 24/7.

Our Team

TIm Yocum CEO Ghost Productions

Tim Yocum


After driving innovation in medical animation for over 25 years, Ghost Productions remains proud of their leadership position that has made them a trusted partner for medical device companies.

As recent demand for utilizing virtual reality for surgical simulations has surged, Tim has joined Ghost as Chief Executive Officer.  Tim has an impressive track record for creating transformational changes at organizations through a relentless pursuit of exceptional customer experiences.

“Ghost Medical is perfectly positioned to improve Surgical outcomes through delivery and customer success support of world-class simulation-based (via Virtual Reality, AR, XR) medical trainings for medical device companies.”

Stephan Kuslich

Stephan Kuslich

Founder & Head of VR Department

Stephan Kuslich started his first medical graphics company when he was fifteen years old and has been passionately discovering and developing new ways to use technology to explain medicine ever since.

At Ghost Productions he serves as our visionary with his finger on the pulse of the most innovative medical technologies and evolving healthcare industry.

Stephan’s mission is to use his unstoppable curiosity to find solutions for our clients to train physicians and help patients understand medicine better so that they can make informed decisions regarding their healthcare options.

Nic Wiederhold

Nicolas Wiederhold

Co-Founder & Medical Director

Nic began drawing medical device patents at his father’s drafting company when he was twelve. Though he has a formal design degree his real asset to Ghost Productions comes from his intuitive skill to understand complex mechanical constructs and technology.

Joining Stephan to create Ghost Productions, Inc. in 1996, he spent much of his first decade becoming an expert in our animation production software, Maya. This has afforded him valuable, practical understanding of the production process and experience transforming a technical concept into a descriptive and dynamic story.

Nic’s current focus is to leverage this experience to benefit our clients by serving as our Medical Director.

Laura Schulz

Laura Schulz

COO & President

With the highest degree of dedication and focus, Laura represents our client’s needs, advocating for the best results while tirelessly organizing our production teams to perform at their highest potential and efficiency.

Laura pairs this dedication with a genuine concern for our client’s efforts to strive for the best outcomes in all of our animation and interactive productions. Her unparalleled attention to detail is outpaced only by her desire to stay in the loop, often logging project correspondence between 2-4am.

Empowered by our sophisticated project management and customer relations software, Laura is able to maximize her ability to multi-task with proven effectiveness for the benefit of Ghost Production and our valuable Clients.

Jayson Slinger Medical Animatior

Jayson Slinger

Creative Director

Jayson combines the speed from years of animating medicine with a constant desire to hone his craft. He is focused and efficient with his technique of rough and refine. Being one of the founding members of Ghost, he’s amassed years of practical knowledge of medicine in motion and translates that into effective and efficient animations.

He began his career animating for Disney Interactive games highlighting characters from Bug’s Life and Toy Story 2 and 3d production for the movie Blade.

He joined Ghost in 1999 and has been refining his craft ever since. His experience and adaptability in animating content along with his openness to play to his strengths make him the perfect Creative Director.

Leo Hennen

Leo Hennen

Marketing & Sales Director

Leo joined the Ghost Productions studio in 2015 and immediately began assisting our clients by translating their project goals into animation shot lists and project outlines.

Leo works directly with Jayson, Ghost’s creative director to ensure that our project outlines hit the mark on all of our clients’ project goals and that we are delivering visually compelling, medically accurate content. Bottom line, Leo handles all of our clients needs’ with ease.

When not busy creating project outlines, Leo is usually heard around the office singing 80’s rock ballads, talking loudly about hockey, or his fondness for board games.