Wraith-VR Medical Virtual Reality is the
Ultimate Sales Tool

If you have Ghost Productions develop a virtual reality sales kit for your medical instruments and surgical devices, you’ll be able to provide instant access to a fully immersive demonstration for all of your products. Never before has it been so easy and affordable to let surgeons experience the benefits of your products and technology. Wraith VR provides powerful advantages like ideal pathology in a virtual patient, custom branded operating room, multiuser surgical team training, remote telepresence for realtime collaboration between the sales rep and surgeon via the internet.

Portable Surgical Demonstrations

Imagine a sales demonstration that features all of your medical products and provides an opportunity for customers to try them anywhere, anytime. Wraith VR by Ghost Productions gives medical sales reps the ability to demonstrate any medical instrument or surgical device in a standalone, lightweight, affordable VR headset. At a weight of 5 lbs. and a cost of $400 per headset it is easy to outfit your entire sales team with the most advanced equipment .

Today’s VR hardware makes it possible to simulate a comprehensive surgical procedure in less than minute of setup after turning it on in a new location. Give your surgeons an opportunity to actually try your products during a sales visit in the clinic, provide a VR demonstration kiosk for your visitors at your next trade show booth and broadcast each visitors experience on the Jumbotron.

Everything you need for VR medical demonstrations fits in a case measuring 11.8 x 5.1 x 8.1inches

Mail out a VR Headset to Prospects and meet with them in Virtual Reality

When you can’t be there in person, virtual reality remote telepresence is the next best thing. Modern VR hardware is so small, light, and affordable that you can overnight them directly to your leads at a fraction of the cost of airfare. Wraith VR remote telepresence allows your sales reps to join surgeons in a virtual operating room via the internet. This provides a realtime simulation of an actual surgical experience for both the sales rep and surgeon even thousands of miles apart.

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