Surgical Simulation Training

Virtual Reality Surgical Simulated Training

Virtual reality (VR) technology adds new capabilities to medical education, specifically in VR training for surgery where advanced software and hardware imitate real-life surgical simulations. A VR headset and touch sensors allow the user to see and interact with a virtual operating room. The level of detail provides a near-realistic surgical experience without using physical resources like a cadaver.
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The overall positive effect of virtual reality simulation-based training is that it reduces human error and benefits the medical community.


A VR surgery simulator provides a safe environment where medical professionals can practice progressive techniques and learn from errors without causing harm to a patient.


The accurate 3D models and immersive experience in a VR simulation offer key advancements in medical training. They create a realistic training environment that brings education closer to the simulated situation.

Teaching Effectiveness

VR simulation-based training teaches a variety of practical skills. Simulated surgery helps improve motor skills and develop better decision-making and communication techniques.


Surgery simulations through VR offer plenty of uses beyond trainee education. Experts can learn new techniques as part of ongoing learning, and product manufacturers can demonstrate medical devices in action.
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Who Benefits?

VR simulation training helps medical professionals refine their skills and ultimately reduces errors that could be fatal to patients. By providing a virtual environment where surgeons can learn, VR surgical simulation enhances modern medicine.


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At Ghost Productions, we specialize in developing cutting-edge medical animations, simulations and innovative media. Our Wraith VR Surgical Simulator empowers the user to learn about surgical techniques and medical devices. For more information about our VR capabilities, contact our team today.

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