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Ghost Productions is Faster

  • 3D Rendered Medical Illustrations : 3 days
  • Medical Animation : 10 weeks
  • VR Surgical Simulation: 3 Months

Medical Animation: Our average turnaround time on finished animation: 10 weeks 
Virtual Surgery Simulation: Our AGILE process can deliver an in headset prototype in within 4 and reach MVP in as little as 3 Months after kickoff

Ghost Productions is Better

  • Proven Track Record Since 1994
  • Exclusively Focused in Medicine
  • Produced Work for all Major Medical Companies

25 Years of experience developing 3D computer generated medical content
Proven process achieves our client’s goals
Customer Success is built into our projects, ensuring what we make for you is utilized to its fullest potential to deliver ROI

Medical Illustrations, 3D Animations & Virtual Reality Make Complex Medical Concepts Simple

We develop highly functional medical animations and virtual reality surgical simulations to effectively train surgeons and physicians, help surgical device companies and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers market their products, and educate patients about their healthcare treatment options.

Medical Animation & Virtual Reality

Medical Animation

Nothing explains surgical procedures and pharmaceutical products better than 3D medical animation.

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Virtual Reality

We can develop a fully immersive surgical simulation that features your surgical devices and medical products. Remotely connect with your clients and guide them through medical procedures in a virtual operating room.

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Interactive Software

Websites, mobile applications, and eLearning media makes it easy to deliver remote training and marketing media to anyone anywhere.

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medical illustration of a aortic heart valve

Medical Illustrations

Computer rendered medical illustrations revolutionized the quality, affordability, and speed of medical imagery.

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Latest Works

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Experienced in all Types of Medicine

Medical Animation Studio & Surgical VR Simulation Developer

Talented Professionals

Ghost Productions has been producing award-winning and successful scientific visualizations for medical and healthcare companies and organizations of all sizes since 1994.

Diverse Experience

Our medical animations, interactive 3D experiences, VR development and custom software have helped our medical clients in a wide variety of medical fields bring challenging information to life, from the most critical to the most complex.

Innovative Technologies

The arsenal we offer our clients is more powerful than ever before now that we have begun developing the most advanced medical VR simulations available anywhere.

Unparalleled Visualization

Our award-winning medical animation company blends highly trained medical illustrators, animators, and software developers to create stunning medical content that will achieve your marketing and training goals.

Fully Custom Solutions

Our team doesn’t just work from the information they already have. Our fully custom solutions mean you’ll have significant input throughout the process.

Quality & Accuracy

We accurately represent your medical devices and surgical procedures using the same software tools used to make major motion pictures. Our collaborative approach means your project will be exactly as you envisioned.

Ghost Productions Works with the
Most Innovative Companies in the Medical Industry