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ENT Animation

Otorhinolaryngology: the branch of medicine that focuses on conditions related to the ears, nose, and throat. Often referred to and abbreviated as ENT.

Maxillofacial : this area of medicine centers on diseases and conditions affecting the jaw and face

Dental : area of medicine that deals with treating and caring for teeth

Ear, Nose, and Throat Animation for Many Applications

Ghost Productions has produced 3D medical animation videos for cochlear implants, endoscopic sinus surgeries, dental implants, and emergency endotracheal intubation devices. Our medical animation and illustrations have been used for everything from marketing electric toothbrushes to helping patients become more aware of their healthcare options when it comes to diseases, injuries, and defects in the ear, nose, throat, mouth, jaw, and face. We can help reduce a patient’s anxiety by showing a 3D animation of a tonsillectomy, or teach surgeons how to properly perform a maxillary balloon sinuplasty.

Advantages of Choosing Maxillofacial and ENT Anatomy Animation

Our ear, nose and throat 3D animations will assist you in explaining medical devices, procedures and goals clearly and concisely, which will, in turn, help you:





Sinuplasty Animation Case Study

ENT Animation Case Study: Sinuplasty Animation for Medtronic

MISSION: Build a series of individual 3d-animated segments to be used in a Maxillary Sinuplasty video that promotes the features/benefits of NuVent in context with accurate 3d internal sinus anatomy. This series will show three applications of the NuVent system: Maxillary, Frontal, and Sphenoid.


SOLUTION: We were faced with a pretty tight timeline for this animation coupled with one of the busiest production schedules in our history. Despite these challenges we delivered a really compellingly beautiful animation. One of the main goals, presented by the client, was the accuracy of the anatomy and it’s relative context to the NuVent engineering data. This goal was realized quickly as we were able to draw from our previous experience with Maxillary Sinuplasty visualization.

Sinuplasty NuVent product shot Sinuplasty sphenoid ostium

We were able to work closely with Medtronic’s ENT, Neurologic Technologies & Navigation engineers to reference 3d anatomic scans used during the R&D process. Since the context for our 3d sinus anatomy model was primarily Maxillary focused, we were able to improve the deep sinus in the sphenoid region. We then build a really capable rig to react to the NuVent tooling model we adapted from the engineering files.

Technical detail met with creative adaptation and resulted in delivering our final piece not only on time but also with beautiful results. This Sinuplasty animation as met with very positive acclaim from our ENT clients. We’re looking forward to working more with the Medtronic’s ENT, Neurologic Technologies & Navigation division and expanding our animation coverage for this area of medicine.

COMPLETED: September, 2014

BUDGET: ≈ $25,000-$30,000


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At Ghost Productions, we make use of some of the most advanced, cutting-edge technology to better serve our customers — including ear, nose and throat animation software that ensures you get the product you want for your educational or marketing materials. When you choose to work with our company, you’re also choosing:

  • Involvement in the Production Process: You don’t need to have software development experience or knowledge about animation production when you partner with us. We’re excited to hear your input and put it to good use no matter how much exposure you’ve had to the process — leave the know-how to us. We’ve developed streamlined production review tools, so you can always interact with your material and give us feedback along the way. By the time we hand you the complete animation, it’ll be exactly what you envisioned from the start.


  • Artistic Style That Further Engages Audiences: No two projects look alike when they come from Ghost Productions. We want your business to stand out from the rest, so we use original colors, artwork and images to bring each new piece to life. We also incorporate short narratives and engaging animated characters to make your material more compelling.


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