October 11, 2019 · 9 min read

How Investing in Virtual Reality Can Boost Medical Device Sales

simulated training in real life
Due to the advent of medical devices, surgeons are constantly challenged to pick up speed on the latest inventions and how-to procedures. Often, there’s a gap between what sales reps know about their products and what surgeons need to know in order to complete successful surgeries and safe medical procedures. That’s where virtual reality comes in.

Many medical device sales companies are investing in virtual reality simulators in order to get medical practitioners on board with proper training. Virtual reality simulators educate surgeons in a safe, effective manner by allowing for mastery of medical procedures in a controlled environment without causing real harm to a patient.

How Sales Reps Are Benefiting From Virtual Reality Simulators

Virtual reality allows for immediacy and repetition in the training of surgeons and other medical professionals. For example, if a surgeon is practicing the steps involved in a new medical procedure, they are able to eliminate the cleaning of medical instruments and prep time involved for hand washing and operating room setup. With virtual reality, a surgeon is able to simply pick up where he left off in the virtual simulated surgery.

virtual reality simulated surgery training

With virtual reality simulators, you can boost medical device sales. Tradeshows act as an excellent opportunity to showcase a medical device through virtual reality, as this is a prime situation for a “test drive” of the medical device. The selling point is that through the use of a virtual reality simulator, medical professionals can safely make mistakes and learn and repeat until you’ve mastered the steps involved in a procedure. You can learn any new skill on your own time and without having to call the entire medical team into the operating room every time you want to refine a particular area of focus.

Invest in Virtual Reality Today to Boost Medical Sales

While it’s a significant investment, incorporating virtual reality into your medical device sales strategy will ultimately increase your overall sales. If you’re interested in learning more about how investing in virtual reality can improve your bottom line, contact us today to learn more or start a project.