August 9, 2021 · 9 min read

Ghost Productions is Hiring! Medical Art Director

Our studio is looking for a Medical Art Director to join our growing studio.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with clients to discover desires/needs for the look of their projects
  • Communicate with clients to discover desires/needs for the anatomy and medical accuracy of their projects
  • Learn client needs for project
  • Create concept work and color guides
  • Direct creation of anatomical assets from storyboard and concepts
  • Research anatomy reference for projects
  • Handle look and feel of projects during production
  • Handle medical accuracy
  • Direct animation graphics and branding to the highest possible production quality while considering project restraints
  • Direct development of medically accurate, anatomical models to the highest possible production quality while considering project restraints
  • Fully understand anatomical accuracy and relevant anatomy for projects
  • Create Ghost marketing pieces (postcards, sales sheet, sourcebook ad, etc)
  • Fully understand client branding and ensure proper utilization throughout production process
  • Learn and bring new ideas/ solutions to improve the look of Ghost Productions

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Write project outline and shot list when needed to support the Creative Director
  • Create internal artwork (business cards, redesign website, letterhead, etc)
  • Ensure that publicly shown materials presented by Ghost represent the company well to our industry and our customers
  • Create content to help Ghost influence decision making and speculative concepts to clients
  • Create illustrative visual content and turn ideas into graphics as directed by Executive Team

Essential Functions:

  • Direct medically accurate content for pre-production assets
  • Effectively communicating client ideas through a visual medium
  • Create visually descriptive content for pre-production
  • Meet production deadlines
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Incorporating client feedback into projects
  • Accurately turn ideas into visual concepts
  • Communicate with management about deadlines, availability, overages, technology and staff requirements
  • Discovering new techniques for the 3D production process that makes for a more visually stunning product and a stronger, more efficient production pipeline
  • Fulfilling objectives and directives of directors and executives
  • Lead, direct and challenge other producers at the company to create new and innovative visual styles
  • Accurately interpret direction and efficiently deliver desired results from directors

Job Requirements & Qualifications

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Art or related field
  • Master’s Degree in Medical Illustration and/or CMI preferred
  • Knowledge Requirements (licenses, programs, or certifications): Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Basic Compression and Authoring Software
  • Experience: Knowledge and competency with drawing/storyboarding, medical/anatomical accuracy, 4th dimensional storytelling, 3D software, modeling, animation, and rendering
  • Physical Requirements: The ability to operate computer equipment

If interested in the position, please apply via the following link: