September 14, 2020 · 8 min read

Ghost Productions is Hiring! Jr. AGILE Project Manager

Job Summary – Junior AGILE Project Manager

Primary Responsibilities:

– Client Communication on project status
-Deliver assets to clients and manage media feedback and approvals.
-Schedule projects using AGILE and waterfalls planning methods
-Ensure proper procedures followed for proposing, billing, invoicing, change orders, etc.
-Ensure that client requests are being implemented on time and meeting or exceeding expectations of quality
-Enter client contacts in database, ensure database is up to date and functional
-Ensure that all projects are completed on time.
-Complete Manager tasks (as related to job description) on time and as described

Secondary Responsibilities:
– Create methods of gathering data from clients (satisfaction surveys, visitor form submissions, client
– Assist Managers with all internal marketing and special projects in a similar fashion as a client
– Maintain office/production/client management software solutions
– Facilitate in communication throughout the entire production team
– Use all skills and talents to help Managers make Ghost the best company it can be.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities
– Client communication
– AGILE and waterfall Project Management scheduling and planning
– Confirming project status with key personnel
– Electronic media deliveries via FTP/media server
– General assisting as needed by producers and managers
– Kick-off meeting prep and client welcoming
– Prepping shipping for delivery of physical media
– Proof-reading and document checking

Job Requirements & Qualifications

-Associate Degree or equivalent experience
Knowledge Requirements (licenses, programs, or certifications or ability to learn):
– Experience with CRM software (Daylite or similar). Word processing – Spreadsheet – Email – Web browser – Project management software & Apple iWorks proficiency

– AGILE and waterfall Project Management
– Customer service experience
Strong organizational, communication, and time management skills
Physical Requirements:
-The ability to operate computer equipment

Special Information (Travel required, on-call schedule, etc):
-Occasional need to put in greater than 50 hours per week during heavy production and/or short deadlines.
-Continuing education and marketing support opportunities may require travel to other cities, AAOS, AUA, NASS, ACC etc.

Applicants please send your resume to