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Aortic Valve Replacement

Valvular heart disease (VHD) refers to various conditions that affect the functioning of any of the four sets of valves in the heart. Of course, the heart is a muscular organ, located in the center of the chest. It contracts and relaxes rhythmically, about 100,000 times a day. Its sole function is to keep blood and nutrients circulating continuously, with a detour to the lungs for the exchange of gases.

Ultimately, oxygen-refreshed blood is sent under considerable pressure from the left ventricle of the heart, through the aortic valve, and into the aorta; the body’s largest blood vessel. From there, it travels to most of the body’s organs and tissues, before returning to repeat the cycle. Read moreRead more


Scleropathy Animation Case Study: DiD Agency

Project: Scleropathy Animation for Varithena®


MISSION: Edit an animation script for FDA application; Create a visually comprehensive and descriptive animation to explain the MOA of the Varithena® PEM foam.

[vimeo 105160061 w=500 h=281] Read moreRead more


Extracellular Matrix Animation Case Study: Hollister Endoform

Project: Extracellular Matrix Animation for Hollister Wound Care


MISSION: Create a visually compelling representation of a native ECM that is degraded from the inflammatory cycle. Then show the effect of using the Endoform ECM bandage to interrupt the inflammatory cycle and help a chronic wound heal.

[vimeo 64266155 w=500 h=281]

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Medical Spokesperson Animation Case Study: Bausch + Lomb

Project: Medical Spokesperson for the Bausch + Lomb Technology Showcase


MISSION: Create a compelling way to highlight the Bausch + Lomb latest technology advances. Suffering from a common problem with successful growth, Bausch + Lomb has produced many animation visualizations to explain their technologies. Many of these videos were produced by different production companies and often different divisions. Our challenge was to develop a creative concept to contain a number of visually divergent animations in a cohesive presentation.

[vimeo 62401993 w=500 h=281] Read moreRead more


Hydrocephalus Animation Case Study: Aesculap proGAV

Project: Hydrocephalus Animation for Aesculap, Inc.


MISSION: Build a dynamic and visually compelling animation that incorporates 3d visualization of product placements blended with well rendered stills to explain the use and programming of the proGAV hydrocephalus pressure management system.

[vimeo 126503384 w=500 h=281] Read moreRead more


Sinuplasty Animation Case Study: Medtronic NuVent

Project: Sinuplasty Animation for Medtronic


MISSION: Build a series of individual 3d-animated segments to be used in a Maxillary Sinuplasty video that promotes the features/benefits of NuVent in context with accurate 3d internal sinus anatomy. This series will show three applications of the NuVent system: Maxillary, Frontal, and Sphenoid.

[vimeo 126430305 w=500 h=281] Read moreRead more


Spinous Process Fixation Animation Case Study: Spineology VIA

Project: VIA Spinous Process Fixation Device Animation for Spineology, Inc.


MISSION: Create an animation of the features and benefits of the VIA spinous process fixation device in context with posterior spinal anatomy. Special emphasis will be put to focus on the adjustable width clamping anchors and use with and without the interspinous and supraspinous ligament.

[vimeo 103550385 w=500 h=281] Read moreRead more


Varicose Vein Treatment Ad Case Study: CIS (Cardiovascular Institute of the South)

Project: Varicose Vein Treatment Ad (Our 5th) for CIS (Cardiovascular Institute of the South)


MISSION: Provide the Cardiovascular Institute of the South with another beautifully rendered 30 second animated commercial spot highlighting varicose vein treatment.

[vimeo 126422421 w=500 h=281] Read moreRead more


Ghost Productions is Hiring! – Senior 3D Animator

Join the Team! Ghost Productions is looking to hire a creative and hard working Senior 3D Animator to join our production team.

– Primary Responsibilities:
Create and animate content
Review and refine animation quality with team for better animation quality
Learn and bring new ideas/solutions to improve the look of Ghost.
Collaborate with other members of the team to best plan productions and facilitate storytelling
Increase skills and usefulness of new employees added to your group. Read moreRead more


Ghost Productions is Hiring! – Creative Director

Creative Director – Ghost Productions:

Animation Experience? Yep. Design Experience? Got it. Concepting? Pitching? Directing? Check, Check, and Check. If you’ve made it this far you’re headed in the right direction. As the Creative Director at Ghost you’ll need to be well versed in visual communication. You’ll need to be able to develop concepts, turn those ideas into tangible assets, and guide the production team through execution to final delivery. You will be the driving force of creativity and artistic expression at the company. Your vision is the product. Its what sells work and keeps clients coming back. You need to constantly be pushing the boundaries of what’s conceptually comfortable and technically possible. It is critically important that not only can you develop your vision but you can inspire it in others. You will lead a team of talented 3D artists who will become your pen, your brush, your ruler. Your name is on every project and they sink or swim because of you. Story and concept are King, but execution is Court.

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