February 11, 2015 · 11 min read

Restaurant Picks by Ghost Productions Medical Director | Nix Pix

Nix Pix: Ghost Productions’ Medical Director’s Favorite Restaurant Picks:

I’m not just the Medical Content Director at Ghost I’m also a guy that likes to experience new tastes and share that happiness with my friends at Ghost. A few months back I started a list of some of my favorite restaurant picks to eat and what I liked about them for some new peeps at Ghost. Here’s that list of places to go around the Twin Cities: I’ve got more to add but it’s a start:

Bradstreet crafthouse: http://www.bradstreetcraftshouse.com/

 HUGE cocktail menu. The Elvis pork belly sandwich is really great.

The 112 Eatery: http://www.112eatery.com/

This is one of my all time favorite places. I’ve also got a superstition that I’ll like any restaurant that uses a number in the name. So far it’s worked great LOL. I absolutely love their pan-seared brussel-sprouts in a balsamic reduction. It’s not on their winter menu though. I’d have this: tagliatelle w/ foie gras meatballs

Strip club: http://domeats.com/

Great casual place. Really great food and cocktails. Just watch that movie on the link; Deconstructed apple pie – Foie gras apple pie! I mean OMG!! I can’t wait to try that! AND It’s just fun to say you’re taking your date to the Strip Club.

The Bachelor Farmer: http://thebachelorfarmer.com/

 The dude in charge of the cocktails is frakin brilliant. I had the best, most balanced gin martini here I’ve ever had. Perfect. The have “Toast” dishes. Their a play on the local nordic roots of bland food on toast but super tasty and full of flavor. Strangely, really delicious swedish food. LOL!

Sea Change: http://seachangempls.com/

The “Fish & Chips” really creative. I had skate here too but I don’t see it on the menu anymore. Really solid food all around, a beautiful view of the river. Not inexpensive.

Hazel’s: http://www.hazelsnortheast.com/

Here’s a plug for my neighborhood place. Casual eating. Good food too. The swedish meatballs are awesome. You can order deep fried pickles here too. MMmmmm. They also have the local brews on tap like “612”.

Icehouse: http://www.icehousempls.com/

Really hip place. I had the rabbit and it was frakin awesome. Creative gin drinks. That’s always cool. Live music too. They’ve got a nice outdoor deck thing along side a small park with large metal and stone sculptures if you don’t want to compete with the music. I’m guessing the life span on the outdoor thing is short these days though. BUT in the spring…

Bar la Grassa: http://www.barlagrassa.com/

Owned by the same folks as the 112. Really creative gin drink selection. The skate here was really great too! Sea scallops with trumpet mushrooms. Gnocchi with cauliflower and orange. I really want to try that one next.

The Butcher and Boar:http://butcherandtheboar.com/

Order something that will include the Turkey Braunschweiger. Sounds weird but frakin’ amazing!!! Great drink menu.

Barrio: http://barriotequila.com/

Solid bar with really really great mexican cuisine. The skirt steak tacos are Great! Especially with a Michelada or an Old Cuban. MMMMM. OH the Ahi Tuna tacos are really great too. I can be a bit loud. Try to get seated in the upper loft if you go to the MPLS location.

Borough/Parlour: http://www.boroughmpls.com/

Dude. Simply great food. Great atmosphere. One of the best braised octopus dishes I’ve ever had. When I went here I asked for a “Corn-n-Oil’ while waiting for our table. The drinksmith at the restaurant bar said he didn’t know it but he’d find out. Here’s the deal, I’ve been trying to get this drink right, personally, for months. It’s always turning out sort of discordant. This guy comes back with a drink he’d never made and it was really awesome. I told him about how I’ve tried to make it, He said, Yeah, I looked at the recipe and figured it needed some balancing. WOW he got it right.

Heartland: http://www.heartlandrestaurant.com/

Right by the st. paul farmers market. Really beautiful place with a blend of finished and unfinished warehouse architecture. Awesome food but the cheese is second to none. I probably spent $50 on cheese. LOL! There is a deli connected to the restaurant and its also pretty awesome. The point is they grow/raise their own food or locally source most of the menu. The server will go through it when you order. Really pretty interesting place.

La Belle Vie: https://www.labellevie.us/

A bit expensive but you get a server that serves ONLY you. This person literally doesn’t serve anybody else while you are there. Bitchin’ The food is exemplary. The cocktail bar is run by Johnny Michaels and the menu is SUPER creative: Order the “Handsome Devil” or “the Most Interesting Man In the World”. WOW. ***So sad to report, now CLOSED! I left this post in for posterity***

Chino Latino: http://www.chinolatino.com/

You probably already know this one but here goes: Pretty much a fun and creative menu. At the end of the meal, even if you’re eating Cuban Fried Pork Tacos or whatever, you get a fortune. The fortune I got the night I found out my kid’s birthmom was pregnant with a my little girl. EIGHT months pregnant, My fortune at this place said this: “Damage control is no longer an option”. LOL!!! HOLY BALLS!! That’s just plain frakin accurate.

There are so many more I’ve been to. I’ll have to continue to build this list… In the meantime, for those that try these places out which do you like best? Post a comment