January 7, 2014 · 11 min read

Looking Back on Medical Animation in 2013

In Retrospect: To recap with extreme brevity, 2013 was all about refining our methods and improving our efficiency and quality. We invested heavily in training our front-end staff and radically modifying our sales and project management processes. I completed an intense sales training course that not only helped me better understand the goals of our clients but also helped me to ensure that those goals were accomplished in the final product. Shortly thereafter, Laura, our Project Manager and I enrolled in a training course at the American Management Association that taught us everything we needed to know about managing multiple projects. Though I’d received more than adequate training in project management in university, I knew very little about conquering the exponentially increasing challenges of managing multiple, simultaneous projects and clients.

Now that Ghost is one of the most respected names in medical animation, and because my sales process had become so finely honed, we were dealing with project loads 3 times higher than we’d ever experienced in the past. Armed with our new training and new methods, we successfully delivered more work in less time with higher quality than ever before. If you’d like to know how to do this for your company, enroll in the course or take us out for a drink (or 4), because we are now masters of multi-project management and it is something we discuss quite passionately. Hint, it is all about linking logistics and automating the logging of ALL information between our clients, our directors, and our producers. Now, when our phone rings, our computers immediately present us with all pertinent and instantly updated information regarding the person calling. The status of all projects accurately tracked and presented in a way that alerts to problems before they actually become a problem. If a project is falling behind, we are warned with ample time to give it the specific attention it needs to get it back on track. If a project starts going over budget, we’re alerted so that we can investigate and make changes to keep it within green. Before we implemented this new automated project management system, we were forced to systematically inspect each project every day looking for problems, now we just focus on the projects than require specific attention and this gives us more time to work with our clients and with our staff than we’ve ever had before. This directly resulted in higher quality, faster results, increased profit and a significantly lower level of stress.

So we ended 2013 with the highest recorded sales levels of any year in our history, maintained a customer satisfaction average rating of 9 out of 10, and we helped more clients achieve more goals than ever before.

Coming Soon: In my next blog post I’ll be talking about the future of medical animation and the future of Ghost Productions. Ready yourself, because 2014 is going to be a year of pioneering new frontiers with many new technologies that will substantially improve human understanding of medicine and its benefit to humanity.

New and Cool: We’ve got a new page on our blog where we’re slowly releasing case studies of our completed projects. Check it out here: Ghost Productions Case Studies.