July 13, 2012 · 9 min read

It Just Ghost to Show

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer

You need only watch a handful of our medical animations to figure out that Ghost Productions has extensive experience in determining how to best represent our client’s brands.  The videos that we create for them focus on telling each client’s stories in ways that complement the direction of their organization and the innovation of their products.  We tailor the visual design of our animations to harmonize with the information they deliver and the logos they depict.  But what of our own branding and logos?  Outside of YouTube and Vimeo, most of the videos that Ghost Productions creates never display our name, because we allow our clients to maintain full ownership of those videos.  Nevertheless, since its incorporation in 1998, Ghost Productions has been actively developing and periodically revising our company branding.  The evidence is in the tchotchke—those logo-wielding knick-knacks that radiate an aura of company solidarity and success.  Throughout our 14-year history, we’ve amassed plenty of this nifty merchandise.  We thought it might be interesting to gather some of these items for a little branding reunion.  Now all we need is some fruit punch to fill all those Ghost beverage containers….

USB was once crucial for transferring files between multiple machines. But these days, we rely almost exclusively on our intranet and FTP server. Perhaps fittingly, this image shows a movement from USB as “key” to USB as tiny and usually concealed. They still make great promo gifts. Photo courtesy of Laura Schulz.
Some people are said to “wear their heart on their sleeve.” We’d rather wear it on our chest and perhaps, once in awhile, on our foreheads. Apparel is an extremely economical and effective means of advertising—even more so when it portrays a source of passion and pride for those wearing it. Yep, that’s a natural side effect of working at Ghost Productions. Photo courtesy of Laura Schulz.

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