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10 Ways Virtual Reality in Healthcare Is Transforming Medicine

The healthcare sector has been interested in virtual reality for some time, but only recently have the technology and costs gotten to a place that allows for widespread use in the field.

Virtual reality technology enables users to feel immersed in three-dimensional, computer-generated environments. These environments react to the movements of the user, making them feel real. Some technologies enable the user to manipulate the virtual world in various realistic ways.

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Virtual Reality Comes To Life — The Future Of VR In Medicine And Science

It’s 2016 and the world of virtual reality (VR) is — finally — virtually a reality. After much anticipation, various fits and starts, and numerous technological hurdles, the Oculus Rift is poised to enter the marketplace in a very real way. Presently owned by social media giant, Facebook, Oculus Rift is taking preorders from customers around the globe. The social media giant has announced March 28, 2016 as the much-anticipated release date for its groundbreaking VR platform technology.

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