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Ghost Productions is Hiring! 3D Rigger & Generalist

Job Title: 3D Rigger and Generalist


Primary Responsibilities:
Create a great variety of rigs to be used by the animation staff.
Contribute to regular animation pipeline by also being able to supply modeling and animating skills.
Learn and bring new ideas/solutions to improve the look of Ghost.
Improve production pipeline by developing, maintaining, and implementing native scripted software tools for animation/production software.
Create and develop dynamic particle and fluid simulations.
Maintain clean and well organized rigged files that have understandable, unique naming convention.
Secondary Responsibilities:
Collaborate with other members of the team to best plan productions and facilitate storytelling.
Increase skills and usefulness of both yourself and your fellow co-workers.

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Ghost Productions is Hiring! WordPress Web Developer

WordPress Web Developer 

Job Description 
Ghost Productions, Inc. is a medical animation and VR developer seeking a Web Developer/Designer to complete their in progress website. Ideal candidate must have at least 3 years of experience. Skill set should include organization, and expertise in web development & interface design. 
Key Duties and Responsibilities 

• Design and implement website from initial concept, site architecture, and user interface to finished deliverable • Code and implement WordPress sites from to a custom theme, functions, and plugins • Design and implement new features, enhancements, and content of existing websites • Create and update re-usable code libraries to streamline WordPress development cycle • Update media sites with new content and link them to the main site for SEO • Create new media and interactive content using Slider Revolution and other WordPress plugins. • Facilitate WordPress, site documentation and maintenance • Design interfaces and graphics for presentations and mobile-delivered applications


(Note: Must have all of the experience listed below):

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Restaurant Picks by Ghost Productions Medical Director | Nix Pix

Nix Pix: Ghost Productions’ Medical Director’s Favorite Restaurant Picks:


I’m not just the Medical Content Director at Ghost I’m also a guy that likes to experience new tastes and share that happiness with my friends at Ghost. A few months back I started a list of some of my favorite restaurant picks to eat and what I liked about them for some new peeps at Ghost. Here’s that list of places to go around the Twin Cities: I’ve got more to add but it’s a start:

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Medical Marketing and Surgical Training Undergoes Massive Improvements in 2014

3D medical animation has grown from being an extravagance, to a convenience, to an absolute necessity for explaining surgical procedures and pharmaceutical products. When Ghost Productions produced its very first medical animation in 1994, the experience felt a bit like what Tesla must have experienced at the Chicago World’s Fair. Almost nobody had ever seen electric lighting, much less in such a massive display back in 1893, and in 1994, 3D animation had so far been presented only as an experimental medium in some very expensive advertising campaigns.

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“Truth in Advertising” by Tim Hamilton

I’m about to have a meeting with my old ski buddy and classmate, Ryan Johnson, an Executive Creative Director at Vladimir Jones. Whenever I’m about to do work with an ad agency I can’t help but laugh at some of my favorite lines from this short film.

this is the Vladimir Jones corporate logo

If you are looking for some top notch web marketing from a bonafide Google Partner, peep this agency located in Colorado Springs.

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Looking Back on Medical Animation in 2013

Ghost Production spent a year dedicated to improving and it paid off for their clients and employees.

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Rock Climbing with Ghost Productions

After finishing 25 client projects for NASS 2013, we took a day off. We treated our hardworking staff to lunch at the Happy Gnome and then went with everyone brave enough rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors. Something that you should know about the medical animation studios owners,  all three are avid climbing enthusiasts. Stephan’s climbed Elephant’s Perch, City of Rocks, and all over Joshua Tree. Jayson spent 3 years as an Adventure Course Director at Astrocamp in San Jacinto Mountains, Idyllwild CA. There he built team building and individual challenge courses and turned a coulter pine tree into a 70 foot rappel tower. Nic’s been climbing since ’97 and climbed some of the most challenging rock faces all over Taylor’s Falls. Today, the owners of Ghost Productions shared their love of the sport with the bravest employees at Ghost and hope to have inspired a shared love for the activity that will spread throughout the company.

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***This Position Has Been Filled*** Ghost Productions is hiring: Maya 3D Riggers

Job Description: 3D Rigger/Maya – Knowledge of MEL Scripting is a +Image

Join the company that created “Heal,” the character animation that proved that story-based medical animations are not only possible but extremely powerful. The result is that we’re getting so inundated with work that we need to hire more talented 3D animators to help us make them. If you love animating characters and are interested in medicine and human anatomy, then you will find this job exciting and rewarding.

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How to Run an Effective Animation Studio (or any business for that matter)

I wrote this article way back in 2004 and recently stumbled across it again, probably when Googling my own name. My values and views on running a successful studio have changed very little in the past 10 years and I suspect that it is these core values that will make it likely for us to remain successful for another 10 years.

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What makes a workplace a great place to work?

When Ghost Productions began as an experimental animation studio, we functioned more like a clubhouse than we did a company. This made for a really fun yet sometimes crazy working experience that had few policies. We attracted extremely talented artists and animators who were  attracted to the loose and de-corporatized environment we offered. It was this talent that was largely responsible for our success. We had suffered plenty during our startup phase and it was our achievement of success that finally made me realize I had a responsibility to the company, to our clients, and to our employees to ensure that Ghost became a more responsible company.

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