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Scleropathy Animation Case Study: DiD Agency

Project: Scleropathy Animation for Varithena®


MISSION: Edit an animation script for FDA application; Create a visually comprehensive and descriptive animation to explain the MOA of the Varithena® PEM foam.

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Case Study: Veritas Health – Herniated Disc Pilot Animation


CLIENT: Veritas Health –

MISSION: Veritas Health owns several medical informative websites that provide truthful, clear, and factual information for patients to learn about their respective spine-related problems. Our goal was to develop a production pipeline capable of producing an extensive library of animation and medical renderings with the highest quality possible to help visitors to their website better understand their conditions and treatment options. We chose to approach the mission by producing a pilot animation with the most advanced methods of visualizing the spine we’d ever attempted. The result was a visually stunning 3D animation that  fully explained Herniated Disc pathology. We told the story in such a way that an average user could easily watch and learn about this pathology. In addition, we developed a visual aesthetic that we believe will be uniquely beneficial explaining spinal conditions. Read moreRead more


Ghost Productions at the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons


Despite chilly temperatures in Chicago, the sun was shining and the crowds were assembled March 19 to March 23 for the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  Ghost Productions has always been busy prior to this meeting and each year produce between 30-50 medical animations that are presented at this show. This year we attended this three day event to connect with customers, but also learn about some of the latest and greatest products and procedures available to the profession. Read moreRead more


Discovering New Dermatology Products

“Revealing Stories Across America” –  Art Installation at AAD     


The 71st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology was held last week in Miami. More than 20,000 practitioners and exhibitors were there to gain knowledge of products and procedures, attend seminars and network within the profession.

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NASS Hysteria

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer


For weeks now our blog has been abuzz about upcoming medical conventions, and our studio has been humming with the sound of myriad computer processors rendering the images and videos that our clients will use at these conventions.  You may be wondering what’s all the fuss about?  In a word: NASS.  Technically, it’s an acronym comprised of four words but, like SIGGRAPH, this trade conference carries a level of recognition and respect that belies its curious abbreviation.  2012 marks the 27th annual meeting of the North American Spine Society.  Each year, surgeons and device manufacturers alike flock to this meeting for a weekend of education, advertising, and networking. Read moreRead more


Project Aesop

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer


This blog post is relatively brief but significantly educational—two beneficial features that commonly characterize medical animation.  In fact, we might go so far as to call this blog post a Public Service Announcement.  Okay, we won’t go that far but we do consider this an important announcement aimed at raising public awareness.  So what’s the big news?  Project Aesop has been released to the public!  Before you start scratching your head and asking: “What is Proj-?” read a little further.  We anticipated your question and answering it is one goal of this blog post. Read moreRead more