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Restaurant Picks by Ghost Productions Medical Director | Nix Pix

Nix Pix: Ghost Productions’ Medical Director’s Favorite Restaurant Picks:


I’m not just the Medical Content Director at Ghost I’m also a guy that likes to experience new tastes and share that happiness with my friends at Ghost. A few months back I started a list of some of my favorite restaurant picks to eat and what I liked about them for some new peeps at Ghost. Here’s that list of places to go around the Twin Cities: I’ve got more to add but it’s a start: Read moreRead more


Looking Back on Medical Animation in 2013

In Retrospect: To recap with extreme brevity, 2013 was all about refining our methods and improving our efficiency and quality. We invested heavily in training our front-end staff and radically modifying our sales and project management processes. I completed an intense sales training course that not only helped me better understand the goals of our clients but also helped me to ensure that those goals were accomplished in the final product. Shortly thereafter, Laura, our Project Manager and I enrolled in a training course at the American Management Association that taught us everything we needed to know about managing multiple projects. Though I’d received more than adequate training in project management in university, I knew very little about conquering the exponentially increasing challenges of managing multiple, simultaneous projects and clients. Read moreRead more


Rock Climbing with Ghost Productions

After finishing 25 client projects for NASS 2013, we took a day off. We treated our hardworking staff to lunch at the Happy Gnome and then went with everyone brave enough rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors. Something that you should know about the medical animation studios owners,  all three are avid climbing enthusiasts. Stephan’s climbed Elephant’s Perch, City of Rocks, and all over Joshua Tree. Jayson spent 3 years as an Adventure Course Director at Astrocamp in San Jacinto Mountains, Idyllwild CA. There he built team building and individual challenge courses and turned a coulter pine tree into a 70 foot rappel tower. Nic’s been climbing since ’97 and climbed some of the most challenging rock faces all over Taylor’s Falls. Today, the owners of Ghost Productions shared their love of the sport with the bravest employees at Ghost and hope to have inspired a shared love for the activity that will spread throughout the company.


What makes a workplace a great place to work?

When Ghost Productions began as an experimental animation studio, we functioned more like a clubhouse than we did a company. This made for a really fun yet sometimes crazy working experience that had few policies. We attracted extremely talented artists and animators who were  attracted to the loose and de-corporatized environment we offered. It was this talent that was largely responsible for our success. We had suffered plenty during our startup phase and it was our achievement of success that finally made me realize I had a responsibility to the company, to our clients, and to our employees to ensure that Ghost became a more responsible company. Read moreRead more


Captain Multitask

Ghost Productions uses treadmill desks

Stephan walks several miles every day while getting his work done thanks to his treadmill desk.


Stephan Kuslich is the founder and CEO of Ghost Productions Inc., a medical animation studio that produces absolutely breathtaking movies for large medical and pharmaceutical companies and educational television networks. Stephan, like many entrepreneurs of his time, plays a role in nearly everything the company does. He’s one part strategic marketer, sales person, project manager, animation director, script writer, IT guru, and when the company requires it, he’s also likely to hunker down and produce motion graphics, music, and sound effects for client projects. So how does he focus on the many facets of his job without completely losing his marbles while still finding time for his family, friends, and an out of control wakeboard habit? Read on and learn the tools and tricks to maximize effective multitasking.  Read moreRead more


Movember Completed

In the month of Movember Ghost Productions had 6 people grow a mustache. To learn about Movember you can read the previous post that started it. To finish I will let Jas Bajric, an animator here at Ghost Productions, tell you why he was the instigator in ghOstache.

ImageFrom Jas
“I started doing the festive mustache growing celebration 2 years ago. My closest cousin Anela was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at young and healthy age. After battling through chemotherapy and coming through on top, I decided to show her how proud I was by growing a beautiful mustache. We also shaved our heads together during her chemo but that is a whole other story.

Since then I have been growing my mustache every Movember. I will continue to do this not only for Anela, but for my grandmother Helena, and everyone else in my family that has been affected by this devastating disease.”






Charitable Fund Razing

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer


Gray and blue apparently make up the standard wardrobe of team ghOstache. Nose-nuzzling shag will soon complete the look. Though it wasn’t intentional, it may be convenient that I was absent for this photo. I do not own any blue jeans.

It was more than the unseasonably warm weather that prompted many male Ghosts to arrive bald-faced at our studio this week.  The month of “Movember” is here.  Never heard of it?  Nor had I until a few days ago.  So here’s a bit of background info.  Movember is an international month-long fund-raising event that has blossomed since the 2004 establishment of the Movember Foundation in Australia.  Created by a small group of friends, the non-profit Foundation was formed to spread the visible appeal of the mustache while raising awareness and funding for the prevention and treatment of hidden illnesses like depression and prostate cancer.  Last year, the organization raised over $126 million for such causes. Read moreRead more


Halloween Hijinks 2012

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer

With a name like Ghost Productions, you might expect us to take Halloween very seriously.  And you would be right!  At least, partially.  While many of us embrace this haunted holiday with unabashed enthusiasm, “serious” is far from the proper word to describe in-studio attitudes toward Halloween.  This was demonstrated when CEO Stephan Kuslich set camera and question to various costumed coworkers.

Some Ghosts really know how to get into the “spirit” of Halloween. From left: Lead Compositor Jason Craft, Animator Rachel Anchors, 3D Team Lead Bret Farley, Animator Allison Howle, and Compositor Bryan Politte.

Want to know more about what happens at ghOst Productions?  Visit our homepage.


Ectoplasmic Expansion

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer


It may not always be obvious from reading our blog but every employee here at Ghost Productions works diligently to ensure that we produce top-notch medical animation and interactive visual media.  As in many modern offices, much of our work is conducted in quiet solitude, occupied by hours of staring at pixelated desktops filled with digital puzzles that continually challenge and inspire us.  Whatever the nature of those puzzles—drawing, animating, compositing, coding, writing, accounting—our desire to solve them leads us to gradually isolate ourselves from each other.  We are all familiar with this dilemma and, in order to maintain our mental health and team morale, we continually quest for new ways to strengthen our social bonds. Read moreRead more


Hair Today, Gone to Lunch

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer


As previously noted, we at Ghost Productions command certain secrets of immortality.  One of the many benefits of those secrets is the ability to grow “long in the tooth” while still retaining a full and functional set of them.  And what better way to celebrate our ever-lengthening lives than by shortening our workday and sharpening our ivories for an occasional birthday banquet?  Experience yields us no better alternative.  So we’ve stopped seeking alternatives—replacing freedom of festivity with freedom of feast!  Gho Pro animator Jas Bajric was our most recent feast master.  This Yugoslavia-born Canadian-turned-Minnesotan vis-wiz commonly prefers: his playlists filled with European trance, his garage housing a Dodge Viper, and his plate filled with grilled meat.  Not surprisingly, he chose to stage his lunchtime birthday break at the Minnesota-based BBQ house Famous Dave’s. Read moreRead more