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How Your Business Or Medical Practice Can Benefit From Medical Animation

Many businesses and disciplines benefit from the use of visual aids. Medicine, in particular, benefits from medical illustrations and custom-made animations to enhance communication and facilitate learning. Visual media — illustrations, animations and videos — are crucial tools for educational and marketing purposes alike. Of course, there are many ways to convey challenging information. But to underscore a point, clarify a complex subject, or emphasize a technical concept, there’s simply nothing better than a visual image.

Advantages of 3D Animation

Advances in computer processing power and memory capacity have vastly expanded animators’ ability to deliver stunningly detailed, lifelike 3D medical animations. Medical animation has become an indispensable tool, used not only for medical student edification, but also for animated explainer videos and sophisticated marketing efforts.

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Veritas Health Strikes Gold in Partnership with Ghost Productions

Veritas Health wins Telly and Communicator Awards:


Since early last year (2014), Veritas Health and Ghost Productions have been working hard on developing some of the most comprehensive and visually compelling series of animations to support the patient education content on On the heels of wrapping up 60 animations, our team has just received notification of a string of 2015 online media awards for the Herniated Disc Animation!

[vimeo 84593863 w=500 h=281]

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Ghost Productions Animation wins Veritas Health a shiny new Silver Telly Award

Ghost Productions Animation wins Veritas Health a shiny new Silver Telly Award

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Veritas Health is proud to announce it has been named a Silver Award winner in the 35th Annual Telly Awards. The Silver Award, the highest possible honor, is for the company’s new patient education video, Sciatic Nerve Anatomy.

Anatomy of the Sciatic Nerve


Medical Marketing and Surgical Training Undergoes Massive Improvements in 2014

3D medical animation has grown from being an extravagance, to a convenience, to an absolute necessity for explaining surgical procedures and pharmaceutical products. When Ghost Productions produced its very first medical animation in 1994, the experience felt a bit like what Tesla must have experienced at the Chicago World’s Fair. Almost nobody had ever seen electric lighting, much less in such a massive display back in 1893, and in 1994, 3D animation had so far been presented only as an experimental medium in some very expensive advertising campaigns.

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Medical Animation Case Study: Vionic® Orthaheel

Client: Vionic® Orthaheel®

Mission: Ghost Productions worked together with John Lymberg Productions to produce a series of animations exhibiting the features and benefits of the Orthaheel® technology, an orthotic capable of treating a variety of pediatric conditions.

Completed: 12/2/13

Budget: $20,000 – $30,000


Case Study: Veritas Health – Herniated Disc Pilot Animation


CLIENT: Veritas Health –

MISSION: Veritas Health owns several medical informative websites that provide truthful, clear, and factual information for patients to learn about their respective spine-related problems. Our goal was to develop a production pipeline capable of producing an extensive library of animation and medical renderings with the highest quality possible to help visitors to their website better understand their conditions and treatment options. We chose to approach the mission by producing a pilot animation with the most advanced methods of visualizing the spine we’d ever attempted. The result was a visually stunning 3D animation that  fully explained Herniated Disc pathology. We told the story in such a way that an average user could easily watch and learn about this pathology. In addition, we developed a visual aesthetic that we believe will be uniquely beneficial explaining spinal conditions. Read moreRead more


Case Study: Access Closure Minx Animation


CLIENT: Access Closure

MISSION: Access Closure needed an exciting animation that showed off the practical science behind how their product worked to be used at trade shows and as a sales tool. They had a previous animation that was very clinical and low budget. They were satisfied with how it explained the device but found the aesthetic quality to be desperately lacking. Additionally they had made modifications to their device and technique since it was made and they wanted to feature their updated product and procedure. Read moreRead more


eLearning and 3D Animation Technology will Revolutionize Education

Race to Nowhere movie dvdWaiting for Superman movie

Last week my son’s middle school hosted an event to watch and discuss Race to Nowhere, a documentary about America’s broken education system. In a similar fashion to Waiting for Superman, Race to Nowhere points out the painful reality that despite epic funding and marathons of standardized testing, we have become unsuccessful at preparing our children with a functional education allowing them to compete in a global economy as a population that is smart enough and skilled enough to remain the most innovative country in the world. But where Waiting for Superman largely places the blame for our unsuccessful education system on teachers and more specifically, the teacher’s union, Race to Nowhere investigates the methods the schools and parents are usinElg to teach and, in many cases, demotivate the development of our children.

The film is more about how we teach our kids than what we teach them. It raises fundamental questions about the purpose of school. Here are some of the key points that really got me thinking:

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Help Ghost Productions get a $250k grant to produce eLearning content for middle school health education.

Interactive eLearning software, when well designed, has the ability to deliver engaging, effective, and efficient curriculum to the masses. Ghost Productions is a company committed to explaining medicine and its benefit to humanity using the most advanced 3D animation and interactive media the world has ever seen. Ghost Productions now intends to use its ability to train surgeons and educate patients to help middle school educators teach their students how to create life-long healthy habits by delivering advanced eLearning curriculum to all schools across the country. Read moreRead more


Ghost Productions is hiring: Maya 3D Riggers

Job Description: 3D Rigger/Maya – Knowledge of MEL Scripting is a +Image

Join the company that created “Heal,” the character animation that proved that story-based medical animations are not only possible but extremely powerful. The result is that we’re getting so inundated with work that we need to hire more talented 3D animators to help us make them. If you love animating characters and are interested in medicine and human anatomy, then you will find this job exciting and rewarding. Read moreRead more