January 27, 2014 · 7 min read

Medical Animation Case Study: Aesculap – Quintex and CeSpace Surgical Procedure


CLIENT: Aesculap

MISSION: To showcase the Quintex plate and CeSpace device in an elevated, cinematic fashion while keeping the overall look and feel within the same family of existing Aesculap animations (Arcadius and Plasmapore.)

Thanks to our Poltergiest Media Server, we were able to guarantee medical accuracy and improve the existing look and feel by implementing client feedback efficiently every time. More pre-production and directing time were added to the front end of this project, helping to ensure that there was a concrete gameplan for the team to follow. In addition, our client was timely and very specific with her feedback. Review Summaries were utilized to facilitate the implementation of feedback efficiently so that no comment was missed. In trade for allowing Ghost Production rights to showcase the finished animation, the client was allotted 30% more hours than budgeted for researching and developing improvements to the visual quality. This extra time was dedicated to the Liquid Floor and Bone Growth scene, both of which were key players in the “coolness” factor of the piece.

COMPLETED: 6/10/13

BUDGET: $20,000-$30,000 + 30% to R&D & Look Development Budget