March 22, 2021 · 3 min read

3D Lighting and Texturing Artist

Ghost Productions is now hiring!

Ghost Productions is looking for a creative individual experienced in Lighting, Texturing, and Look Development. The ideal candidate will have a sharp eye for detail and a strong aesthetic drive to develop and produce beautiful finished content. The individual will be coordinating with the Creative Director and the 3D team to continually improve the quality of our finished animations. In addition, they will be versed in developing visuals that can be effectively relayed to the compositing team for replication. Strong experience with Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe After Effects is required, as well as a minimum of 2+ years of production in medical animation, or a similar field.
Job Title : Lighting and Texture Artist

Lighting/Texturing 3D Artist

Primary Responsibilities:
• Create content for clients to utilize for training, education, entertainment, and marketing.

• Learn and bring new ideas/ solutions to improve the look of Ghost Productions.

Secondary Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with other members of the team to best plan productions and facilitate storytelling

Essential Functions & Responsibilities:
• Apply 3D technical skills toward generating 3D animation, with an emphasis on texturing, lighting, and rendering.
• Effectively communicating client ideas through a visual medium.
• Meeting production deadlines.
• Teamwork.
• Updating project management software on a daily basis and accurately logging time on projects
utilizing SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) to coordinate projects with other team members.
• Incorporating client feedback into projects
• Discovering new techniques for the 3D production process that makes for a more visually stunningproduct and a stronger, more efficient production pipeline.
•Fulfilling objectives and directives of directors and managers.

• Accurately interpret direction and
efficiently deliver desired results from directors

Job Requirements & Qualifications
Education: Associate Degree, or proven artistic talent.

Skills/Knowledge Requirements:
• Advanced knowledge of Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects/Photoshop and Substance painter is required
• Highly experienced in lighting, texturing and look development
• Experience in Vray or Redshift is preferred
• Familiar with multi-tile/UDIM workflow
• Familiar with linear workflow/multi-pass rendering
• Proficiency with Zbrush is preferred
• Must be detail-oriented and have strong organizational practices
Physical Requirements:
– The ability to operate computer equipment.

Special Information (Travel required, on-call schedule, etc):

– Occasional need to put in greater than 50 hours per week during heavy production and/or short deadlines.
– Continuing education opportunities may require travel to other cities, SIGGRAPH etc.

If interested in the open position, please apply via the indeed job posting: