August 25, 2012 · 9 min read

Groomed to Ghost: Theo Hinrichs

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer

I’ve composed many a blog post about the exploits and events involving our staff here at Ghost Productions.  In addition, our website features a “Bio” section dedicated to revealing more about we Ghosties.  But one of us here truly has been a “ghost” since he arrived some three months ago.  Alas, no longer!  Spoiler alert: his name is in the title of this post.  That’s right, since early June, Theo Hinrichs has been spending part of each week with us in the studio.  When not attending his classes at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), this quiet young animator is learning the practices and procedures involved in creating anatomically accurate medical animations.

Theo’s passion for 3D animation evolved from an early interest in graphic design.  After working on the layout for his high school yearbook, his curiosity led him to visit Flurry Studios in Eden Prairie, where he was introduced to 3D animation.  Captivated by this computer-aided art form, Theo soon began studying the medium at MCAD.  His instructional program requires a brief period of internship at an approved location of the student’s choice.  But while most of his peers opt to intern inside the school, Theo learned of Ghost Productions through the student services website and chose to contact us shortly thereafter.  We were more than happy to welcome him to our studio, invite him to our weekly training lunches, and give him plenty of experience using our preferred design application, Maya.  Now his internship is nearly at an end but he’s asked to stay on with us longer.  And although the verdict has yet to be finalized, there have been no objections thus far.  So keep your eyes on our blog and our bio page, because Theo is heading for graduation—and that might well involve becoming a full-fledged Ghostie.

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