September 15, 2012 · 11 min read

Giving Up A Ghost

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer

The possibility is often recognized but rarely expected: Ghosties will occasionally drift to realms beyond our humble studio.  Such voluntary departures are often the result of curiosity and ambition, rather than dissatisfaction.  In any case, friendship and nostalgia tend to provoke in us wistful ambivalence when we realize that we will be losing a beloved colleague.  Now we are faced with this emotional dilemma once again, as animator Brian Thompson transitions into a new job at the visual design agency CRASH+SUES.

Brian came to Ghost Productions in late 2009 on a two-week contract project.  At the time, he had already had some exposure to freelance and industry medical animation.  The team at Ghost, impressed by his skills and background, invited Brian to return to the company indefinitely, and he did so in the Spring of 2010.  For his part, Brian recalls being awed by the experience and wisdom of his new coworkers, as well as the visual quality of the animations that Ghost was creating.  This was Brian’s introduction to his first studio environment.  When asked if that environment has since changed, he noted that management has demonstrated an ever-increasing interest in fostering a sense of community by focusing on the well-being and appropriate compensation of each contributor in that community.

In fact, Brian admits that he didn’t realize how truly unique the environment at Ghost Productions was until he began freelancing and touring other studios while working here.  For instance, he notes that Ghost is one of only a few local design studios that is completely dedicated and staffed to create 3D images and videos.  This has been a priceless educational resource for Brian during his time here.  And now, possessing an abundant knowledge of medical animation to fall back on, but still lacking a marriage or a mortgage, he plans to venture out once more in search of new artistic challenges and opportunities.  But Brian’s hope for gain is tempered by his anticipation of loss: along with the friendly atmosphere of collaboration, Brian confesses that he will miss the ability to walk around barefoot while hearing Nic’s random outbursts of unintelligible noises.  Oh how we have spoiled Brian.  But in so doing, we’ve watched him grow and flourish.  Now we wish him the best in all his future endeavors, and hope that he carries the Ghost virtue of uninhibited expression with him throughout each and every one.

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