June 25, 2020 · 8 min read

Ghost Productions is Hiring! Unreal Developer

Job Title:  Unreal 3D Developer / Software Engineer

Job Summary
Primary Responsibilities:

• Experience with networking multiplayer servers and integrations a must, ie: UNET, Photon, Forge, or similar.
• Develop software for simulating medical procedures and training medical professionals.
• Integrate surgical training VR procedures with multiplayer networking databases.
• Investigate, prototype, and refine novel methods for creating and delivering realistic medical simulations on a wide variety of VR hardware.
• Explore newly developed haptic technology and methods of integrating a more fully immersive training experience for physicians and medical professionals.
• Contribute to the team effort to create more efficient methods of developing virtual reality simulations by increasing the capability of our base software.
• Integrate existing virtual reality hardware/software systems with new, experimental haptic feedback devices to better simulate a wide variety of medical scenarios.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

• Apply technical skills to support hardware engine driven 3D Interactive and VR development.
• Timely fulfillment of sprint deadlines.
• Open/regular communications with fellow team members to enhance the success of the overall team.
• Support other team members to find technical solutions and improve the overall sprint outcomes.
• Updating the Scrum Master daily of status and potential perceived roadblocks.
• Discovering new techniques for the 3D development process that makes for a more visually stunning software and a stronger, more efficient development pipeline.
• Fulfilling objectives and directives for the Scrum Master, and Project Owners goals.
• Accurately interpret direction and efficiently deliver desired results.

Job Requirements & Qualifications
• Associate Degree, or proven talent.

Knowledge Requirements (licenses, programs, or certifications): 
– Unity/Unreal (or similar engine driven hardware rendering packages), C#, Python or similar objective code language.

Email your resume and portfolio/demo reel to jobs@ghostproductions.com

Application submissions should include answers to the following questions:

How many years experience do you have with Unreal?
How many years experience do you have with network multiplayer gameplay?
Are you authorized to work in the US?