July 21, 2020 · 7 min read

***This Position Has Been Filled***Ghost Productions Is Hiring! Compositor

Job Title: Compositor

  • Primary Responsibilities:
    – Checking rendered frames, looking for glitches, missing frames, and poor quality footage.
    – Putting together rough composites, blocking out timing, transitions and making sure everything flows smoothly within the AE composites
    – Creating assets to be utilized within AE projects, for example; cutting out images, creating widgets, labels, background elements, music/sound effects.
    – Willingness to learn and bring new ideas/ solutions to improve the look of ghOst.
    – Keeping AE files organized.
    – Have the basic skills to move around in Maya, for creating color mattes, exporting 3D cameras, 3D logos and anything else that might be needed.
    – Rotoscoping of video if not key-able.
    – Able to troubleshoot and problem solve.
    – A good eye for detail.
    – Meet deadlines, manage tasks and time working remotely temporarily due to COVID-19.

Secondary Responsibilities:
– Work with Compositors to maintain consistent SOP and quality throughout department.
– Formatting/authoring finished footage for playback on various platforms and uploading to media servers.
– Updating project progress to directors and account managers.
Essential Functions & Responsibilities

Creating visually engaging content from production assets.
– Effectively communicating client ideas through a visual medium.
– Meeting production deadlines.
– Teamwork.
– Incorporating client feedback and direction from leads, directors, and managers.
– Discovering new techniques for the 3D production process that makes for a more visually stunning product and a stronger, more efficient production pipeline.
– Fulfilling objectives and directives of directors and managers.

Email your resume and portfolio/demo reel to jobs@ghostproductions.com