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September 13, 2022 · 4 min read

Ghost Productions is Hiring! 3D Compositor

Job Summary

-Checking rendered frames, looking for glitches, missing frames, and poor quality footage.

-Putting together rough composites, blocking out timing, transitions and making sure everything flows smoothly within the AE composites

-Creating assets to be utilized within AE projects, for example; cutting out images, creating widgets, labels, background elements, music/sound effects.

-Willingness to learn and bring new ideas/ solutions to improve the look of Ghost.

-Keep AE files organized.

-Have the basic skills to move around in Maya, for creating color mattes, exporting 3D cameras, 3D logos and anything else that might be needed.

-Rotoscoping of video if not key-able.

-Able to troubleshoot and problem solve.


-Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Basic Compression and Authoring Software


-Knowledge and competency with 3D software, matching audio to the timeline in AE.

-2 to 5 years experience as a compositor

Physical Requirements:

• The ability to operate computer equipment.

-Occasional need to put in greater than 50 hours per week during heavy production and/or short deadlines.

If interested in the position, please apply via Indeed.