August 18, 2012 · 11 min read

SIGGRAPH 2012 – Part II

Written by:  Matthew Perrin
Resident Ghost Writer

When last we left our two colleagues Jason Craft and Brian Thompson, they were preparing to board a plane heading for Los Angeles, California.  Now back at Ghost HQ, we grilled them about their graphic journey.  During our staff-wide debriefing, the talk turned tech-heavy real quick.  And although hearing about such things as physically-based shading techniques and cinematic color translation was intriguing to our industry interests, such discussions failed to properly portray the visual awe that SIGGRAPH so uniquely manifests.  The remedy: photos.  There proved no better way to stoke our imaginations and jealousies than being shown the wonders that our coworkers had experienced while the rest of us were busy working.  Join us in ogling some of the sights on parade at SIGGRAPH 2012…

The L.A. Convention Center is an impressive structure in its own right—even more so when it houses the world’s premier graphic design event. Click on the image to learn more about the venue.
A perennial attraction, Pixar always boasts a blockbuster film to tout and its underlying design techniques to unveil. “Brave,” and the proprietary software with which it was created, were the subjects of discussion this year. Click on the image to learn more about RenderMan.
Motion capture (mocap) video remains a promising technology for gaming and animation, as was evidenced by its presence in multiple Emerging Technology exhibits. OptiTrack is one of the leading mocap products being used in cinema today. Click on the image to learn more about it.
The popularity of the Microsoft XBox Kinect has demonstrated the commercial viability of marker-less mocap technology. Companies like Organic Motion are leading innovations in this area. Click on the image to learn more about their products.
What could be more rewarding than watching your own video being displayed at the world’s foremost visual FX convention? Seeing his “POrtal: Terminal Velocity” video go viral on the Web was shocking for creator Jason Craft but he was equally surprised to see it chosen among the many other submissions at SIGGRAPH. Click on the image to watch the full video.

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