September 3, 2013 · 3 min read

Raised by Zombies: Episode 1

I’ve been both terrified by and loved great zombie apocalyptic stories ever since my father had the terrible idea of allowing me to stay up and watch the original “Night of the Living Dead.” I often lie awake at night envisioning movies that Ghost Productions would make if we ever had time to make our own zombie movie. With our skills in blending character animation with 3D medical animation, I shiver with the possibilities. Until then I am forced to rely on others to make content worthy of viewing. Recently I stumbled upon, “Raised by Zombies,” by Guy J. Collins, a tale of a young girl in Perth Australia who’s family was forced to abandon in a dumpster during a ruthless zombie outbreak. With help from the birds, a cat, a dog, and a ferocious bear, she begins her adventures in this post apocalyptic landscape. It is definitely worth a watch.