October 7, 2013 · 11 min read

Help Ghost Productions get a $250k grant to produce eLearning content for middle school health education.

Interactive eLearning software, when well designed, has the ability to deliver engaging, effective, and efficient curriculum to the masses. Ghost Productions is a company committed to explaining medicine and its benefit to humanity using the most advanced 3D animation and interactive media the world has ever seen. Ghost Productions now intends to use its ability to train surgeons and educate patients to help middle school educators teach their students how to create life-long healthy habits by delivering advanced eLearning curriculum to all schools across the country.

To make this dream a reality, Minnesota-based, Ghost Productions, has begun applying for grants to help make this curriculum possible. Through the MissionMainStreetGrants.com program, Ghost could be awarded as much as $250k to begin work on a comprehensive eLearning health education program. This program may help thousands of students across the nation make informed decisions about their health and avoid the growing epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and several other conditions related to living unhealthy lifestyles.

A small example of the kind of curriculum Ghost intends to produce can be seen in this example the studio made to help educate teens on acne prevention and treatment.

To help Ghost Productions accomplish this mission,  give them a vote.


Mission Grant Questionnaire

Tell us about your business. What inspired you to start your business? How is your business successful? What makes it unique?
Just as 3D animation was leaving its experimental beginnings in ’94, we began using it as a tool to explain highly complex surgeries, medical conditions and treatments. We have produced thousands of projects that have helped surgeons make fewer mistakes, patients understand their treatment options, and helped increase human knowledge and understanding of all forms of medicine.
How is your business involved with the community you serve?
Our community is anyone who makes healthcare products, medicine, & surgical devices, healthcare professionals, and the patients they serve. The media we produce makes it easy for anyone to quickly and easily understand anatomy, physiology, surgical procedures, and this the function of medication. We’ve produced animations for National Geographic to explain obesity, dwarfism, conjoined twins, gigantism and other medical conditions and we serve hundreds of other clients in the healthcare industry.
What would a $250,000 grant mean to your business and how will you utilize the funds to ensure long-term growth and stability?
I would use it to produce engaging eLearning interactive health education curriculum for middle school students so that they may achieve a better understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle throughout their entire lives. We produced this sample module to help teens understand acne prevention and treatment. http://www.ghostproductions.com/elearning/story.html I would like to have the funding to produce similar content for all pertinent health class topics and I’d like to give it away freely.
What challenges can you identify for your business, and how do you plan to overcome them?
Our challenge is for this particular project is that health education budgets have been slashed & we’re dealing with totally preventable healthcare epidemics like obesity & diabetes & we need something now that costs the education system little, or better yet, nothing. We are only one company but we have the passion, skills, drive, and experience to produce something revolutionary this and future generations of children. All we need, are the resources to produce it & make it available to schools.
Describe the talent and skill of your employees, and how they contribute to a successful business.
Our director’s medical expertise is beyond compare and our character animators have worked for Disney and other major animation studios. We are the only studio of our kind to blend medical accuracy with inspirational, story-driven character animation. We are passionate about explaining medicine from the human aspect because that is the purpose of medicine. Please see, our movie “Heal,” that we produced in ’08-’09.  It fully showcases our ability to inspire viewers.