April 18, 2013 · 8 min read

***This Position Has Been Filled*** Ghost Productions, Inc. is hiring!

We are looking for someone to fill the position of “ Executive Assistant to the Executive Producer and Technical Director.”  Wow!  That title is a mouthful and to tell the truth, it is a big job.  The basic description is to assist the Executive Producer and Technical Director with scheduling, task management, correspondence, and a variety of other tasks that allow them to focus on their primary responsibilities.  But it is all the things that fall into “a variety of other tasks” that really help define what we are looking for.  We need a person who understands that no task that they might be asked to do is meaningless.  The Executive Producer and Technical Director both fulfill so many roles at Ghost Productions, Inc. These are beyond full time positions when you take into consideration all the “little” things that are required for them to fully tackle each aspect of their job duties.  The time spent on these “little” things can often be better spent focusing on core duties, which is why we need someone who can take on the little things with enthusiasm, tenacity, and the knowledge that each one is important to our mission at Ghost Productions, Inc.!

Some of the qualities we are looking for in this Executive Assistant employee are someone who is organized and systematic in their approach, someone who is is adaptable to changing priorities, someone who can follow the chain of command without question, and someone with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Ideally we would love this person to know their way around a Mac and be familiar with the iWorks software suite, but if you know how to use Microsoft Office, you will be able to figure out iWorks.

I’ve always been told that the way most people find a job is through the network of contacts they already have, so if you know someone who might be a good fit at Ghost Productions, send them my way.  Resumes can be sent to jessica@ghostproductions.com