January 20, 2014 · 7 min read

Case Study: Veritas Health – Herniated Disc Pilot Animation


CLIENT: Veritas Health – spine-health.com

MISSION: Veritas Health owns several medical informative websites that provide truthful, clear, and factual information for patients to learn about their respective spine-related problems. Our goal was to develop a production pipeline capable of producing an extensive library of animation and medical renderings with the highest quality possible to help visitors to their website better understand their conditions and treatment options. We chose to approach the mission by producing a pilot animation with the most advanced methods of visualizing the spine we’d ever attempted. The result was a visually stunning 3D animation that  fully explained Herniated Disc pathology. We told the story in such a way that an average user could easily watch and learn about this pathology. In addition, we developed a visual aesthetic that we believe will be uniquely beneficial explaining spinal conditions.

INNOVATIONS: Because we knew this pilot was simply the forerunner for a massive series, we spent considerable more time developing the look, feel, and methods of automating the process so that we could not only show dramatize visualization innovations on this first animation, but be capable of replicating these innovations efficiently throughout the entire series.

COMPLETED: 11/6/13

BUDGET: Single animation budget/value: $20,000-$30,000 • Pipeline development for entire series budge: Undisclosed