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The History — And Future — Of Medical Conferences

Medical conferences are eagerly anticipated annual events for many physicians. Depending on a physician’s specialty and schedule, he or she might feel motivated to attend two or more conferences in a given year. Historically, medical conferences have functioned as forums for exploring new ideas, techniques, procedures and best practices.

They also represent excellent opportunities to present the results of new research, while exploring issues ripe for additional investigation. Conferences are where relationships are forged, ideas are explored, careers are advanced, research projects are conceived, information is shutterstock_135721667exchanged and issues are debated. And, increasingly, they’re an important destination for medical device manufacturers eager to display the merits of their wares.

Conferences for every conceivable specialty abound. There are even conferences dedicated to the history of medicine. From pr development to disseminating new research to exploring new techniques and practices, the medial conference plays an important, time-honored role in the advancement of medicine and medical science. Read moreRead more