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Archive for May, 2015


Cannulated Screw Animation Case Study: FlowFX

Project: Cannulated Screw Marketing Animation for FlowFX, LLC.


MISSION: Provide Orthogen with a series of short promotional animations of the FlowFX cannulated screw systems for AAOS. Two involve femoral neck fracture that can be leveraged from the previously produced FlowNail animation. The remaining two are depicting the Flowfx technology in Tibial and Foot fracture applications. All of these animations will follow the same high level of visually compelling quality produced in the first FlowNail animation.

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Shoulder Arthroplasty Animation Case Study: Integra Lifesciences

Project: Shoulder Arthroplasty Marketing Animation for Integra Lifesciences


MISSION: Build an engaging animation of Integra’s line of shoulder arthroplasty devices highlighting the features and benefits of the Modular Shoulder, Reverse Shoulder, and Proximal Humeral Plating Systems.

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Now Hiring – Lead Compositor

Join the team! ghOst Productions is looking to hire a creative and hard working compositor experienced with AE 3D cameras and 3D compositing. We’re looking for someone with a strong aesthetic and drive to produce dynamically beautiful finished content. You will be coordinating with the post-production team and 3D department to improve the quality of our finished animations. Experience with Maya is a HUGE plus.

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Endoscope Animation Case Study: Aesculap MINOP InVent

Project: MINOP InVent Endoscope Marketing Animation for Aesculap, Inc.


MISSION: Produce a dynamic and visually compelling animation to show the flexibility and versatility of the MINOP Endoscope for use in advanced neuroendoscopy for neurosurgery, utilizing multiple ports in an application that will highlight benefits with multiple tooling.

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Now Hiring – 3D Maya Rigger & Generalist at Ghost Productions

Join the team! Ghost Productions is looking to hire a creative and hard working 3D Maya Rigger & Generalist to join our production team. As a 3D Maya rigger & Generalist, your primary goal will be creating and animating content for clients to utilize for their training, education, entertainment, and marketing purposes. Read moreRead more