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Archive for February, 2014


Medical Animation Case Study: K2M Climbers 3 (2013)

Client: K2M – Complex Spine Innovations™

Mission: As K2M keeps developing new technologies, Ghost Productions keeps adding them to the K2M feature reel. Watch several spinal injuries and pathologies are treated with the radical new medical technology so that the climbers can reach the pinnacle of K2. This project required ~1.5 minutes of new surgical procedure and about 50 seconds of modified character animation.

Delivery: 9/20/13

Budget: $20,000-30,000 –Note: Bulk of character animation was reused from previous versions of climbers movie


Medical Animation Case Study: iGO – Keo Carpal Tunnel Brace


MISSION:  Ghost Productions created this animation showcasing the unique features benefits of the Keo Brace used in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to be displayed in pharmacies beside the product. The client desired a high level of dynamic motion and visual sophistication while balancing that goal with keeping the message of the product’s use clear and understandable.

COMPLETED: 12/6/13

BUDGET: $20,000-$30,000


Medical Animation Case Study: Aerobiotix

CLIENT: Aerobiotix

MISSION: Create a predominantly motion graphics based “Did You Know?” style animation, showcasing the features and benefits of the Aerobiotix T1 device. Because this project had an extremely short deadline, we planned a production that would meet the client’s needs in the shortest possible production schedule. The Aerobiotix device is a revolutionary method of safely sterilizing operating rooms and other critical areas that need to be and remain free of dangerous microbes.

DELIVERED: 10/1/13

BUDGET: $15,000-$25,000


Venture Capital Investments in MedTech Create a Boon in First Quarter of 2014

Investment capital and medicine equals boonMedical technology companies are developing new technologies at a faster rate than has ever experienced in the past. In the first two months of 2014, Ghost Productions has been approached by more new clients and delivered more project proposals than the company ever has since the company was founded in 1994. Though many of the clients requesting projects are established medtech firms launching new products, there has been a substantial increase in newly funded startups. It would appear as though venture capital firms are funding new medical companies at rates not experienced in well over a decade. Clients are coming in from all over the world with new and innovative products making this an exciting year for everyone who works in healthcare or will need healthcare. Read moreRead more