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Archive for January, 2014


Medica Animation Case Study: Aesculap – Quintex and CeSpace Surgical Procedure


CLIENT: Aesculap

MISSION: To showcase the Quintex plate and CeSpace device in an elevated, cinematic fashion while keeping the overall look and feel within the same family of existing Aesculap animations (Arcadius and Plasmapore.) Read moreRead more


“Truth in Advertising” by Tim Hamilton

I’m about to have a meeting with my old ski buddy and classmate, Ryan Johnson, an Executive Creative Director at Vladimir Jones. Whenever I’m about to do work with an ad agency I can’t help but laugh at some of my favorite lines from this short film.

this is the Vladimir Jones corporate logo

If you are looking for some top notch web marketing from a bonafide Google Partner, peep this agency located in Colorado Springs.


Case Study: Veritas Health – Herniated Disc Pilot Animation


CLIENT: Veritas Health –

MISSION: Veritas Health owns several medical informative websites that provide truthful, clear, and factual information for patients to learn about their respective spine-related problems. Our goal was to develop a production pipeline capable of producing an extensive library of animation and medical renderings with the highest quality possible to help visitors to their website better understand their conditions and treatment options. We chose to approach the mission by producing a pilot animation with the most advanced methods of visualizing the spine we’d ever attempted. The result was a visually stunning 3D animation that  fully explained Herniated Disc pathology. We told the story in such a way that an average user could easily watch and learn about this pathology. In addition, we developed a visual aesthetic that we believe will be uniquely beneficial explaining spinal conditions. Read moreRead more


Case Study: Access Closure Minx Animation


CLIENT: Access Closure

MISSION: Access Closure needed an exciting animation that showed off the practical science behind how their product worked to be used at trade shows and as a sales tool. They had a previous animation that was very clinical and low budget. They were satisfied with how it explained the device but found the aesthetic quality to be desperately lacking. Additionally they had made modifications to their device and technique since it was made and they wanted to feature their updated product and procedure. Read moreRead more


Looking Back on Medical Animation in 2013

In Retrospect: To recap with extreme brevity, 2013 was all about refining our methods and improving our efficiency and quality. We invested heavily in training our front-end staff and radically modifying our sales and project management processes. I completed an intense sales training course that not only helped me better understand the goals of our clients but also helped me to ensure that those goals were accomplished in the final product. Shortly thereafter, Laura, our Project Manager and I enrolled in a training course at the American Management Association that taught us everything we needed to know about managing multiple projects. Though I’d received more than adequate training in project management in university, I knew very little about conquering the exponentially increasing challenges of managing multiple, simultaneous projects and clients. Read moreRead more