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eLearning and 3D Animation Technology will Revolutionize Education

Race to Nowhere movie dvdWaiting for Superman movie

Last week my son’s middle school hosted an event to watch and discuss Race to Nowhere, a documentary about America’s broken education system. In a similar fashion to Waiting for Superman, Race to Nowhere points out the painful reality that despite epic funding and marathons of standardized testing, we have become unsuccessful at preparing our children with a functional education allowing them to compete in a global economy as a population that is smart enough and skilled enough to remain the most innovative country in the world. But where Waiting for Superman largely places the blame for our unsuccessful education system on teachers and more specifically, the teacher’s union, Race to Nowhere investigates the methods the schools and parents are usinElg to teach and, in many cases, demotivate the development of our children.

The film is more about how we teach our kids than what we teach them. It raises fundamental questions about the purpose of school. Here are some of the key points that really got me thinking:

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